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I had today’s post all planned out in my head. Then….Mel posted a story about her cruise. Basicly, it was almost the same thing I was going to write about. I told her so in the comments. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great post. It just kind of took the wind out of […]

When people ask me what listen to on my iPod while I’m huffing and puffing away running or walking, they are often surprised to learn it’s not music. Yes, I do have a playlist of songs mostly used for when I really have to dig deep to get the legs pumping or in a race […]

Goooooooooood morning, Shrinkers! How is everyone doing this fine day? I’m trying my hand at being annoyingly happy because I just received some very tragic news. SNOW IS ON THE WAY! Ugh. I realize this in no way effects anything having to do with weight loss or healthy living other than the fact that it […]

{Giveaway Closed! Congrats to Megan, Megan, and Amber – our winners!} Hey ya’ll, hey ya’ll, hey ya’ll! We’re starting a new challenge today and it’s been gonna be a quickie one, only 5 weeks long. We all walk, all day long.  We walk from the bed to the bathroom.  We walk all around our kitchen. […]

I was bound and determined that I was going to run the entire Run the Hood 5k next weekend. It is something that I have never done before. I have walked more 5k’s than I can count. I have walk/ran some of those, but I have never ran an entire 5k. I figured I wasn’t […]

You know how sometimes you just stumble upon a good thing? That happened to me. I don’t even really remember how I found it. I think I was just websurfing and there it was. It is a new program that Walgreens has for walking. Alison Sweeney is involved with it. I wish I knew this […]