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Updated: Kelsey, you have won this gift pack.  Please send your mailing address to [email protected] by Monday, Feb 6th or another winner will be chosen.  Congrat The first time I had any of  the cereals from Attune Foods was at Fitbloggin 2011. It was served at breakfast one day and man, … [Read more…]

In case you  haven’t heard, Chobani just introduced some awesome new flavors!  From left to right, we’ve got Apple Cinnamon, Blood Orange, and Passion Fruit.  These flavors are so new, you may not have seen them in your local store yet, but keep your eyes open because they should be there SOON! I … [Read more…]

I’ve been in a major slump. I mean major. In all aspects of my life, it’s been a hard year, and I am ready to close the books on 2011 for good. With all the curveballs thrown my way this year, I lost site of me: my health, my fitness, my well-being. This is definitely not how I wanted to end this … [Read more…]

When I was first approached to review Gaiam TV, the first thing that came to my mind was yoga. The prospect of reviewing anything yoga related made me pretty excited. I love yoga. I mean, I really LOVE yoga. Unfortunately, the crazy that surrounds my life doesn’t allow me to attend my beloved hot … [Read more…]

The BodyMedia FIT Armband giveaway has been closed! The lucky winner is: @NewVeronica2011 with lucky #16 comment: “I have also subscribed in Google Reader. I didn’t do the jumpking jacks, but I ran the stairs for 10 minutes! lol” The holidays are upon us, and you’re no doubt in the throes … [Read more…]

Black Friday is over, and Cyber Monday is upon us! Are you wondering how in the world you’re going to make it through this holiday season with the necessary energy to get it all done? Well, look no further! CLICK Espresso Protein Drink has come up with a fabulous recipe for an amazing beverage that … [Read more…]

UPDATED::Congratulations to our two winners, Kirsten and Jen! I’ll be in touch, ladies! When it comes to working out, I would have to say that I’m more of a cardio person. I’m more likely to run, swim, or bike than I am to lift a weight. Honestly, I see strength training as a necessary evil. I … [Read more…]

Winner winner!  Tabathia, please forward your mailing address to [email protected].  Thanks and congrats!  Lisa ************************************************** I realize the spacing on this post leaves a lot to be desired and I have worked and worked and re-written and re-posted trying to … [Read more…]

Confession. I love baked goods. Baked goods also love me…well, they love to hang out on my midsection and thighs. That counts, right? My motto when it comes to baked goods is AVOID AT ALL COSTS. If I have muffins, cookies, home baked breads, scones, whatever, in my house, I will be unable to … [Read more…]

On the heels of the bestselling success of his low-calorie Now Eat This! Diet cookbook, Rocco DiSpirito is eager to expand his brand with a calorie-cutting tip guide to supplement his weight-loss program guaranteed to help remove at least 100 calories from any dish! This is the perfect healthy … [Read more…]

We’ve been having some conversations on Twitter lately about what else but chia!! And yes of the Chia Pet kind. You probably know them from this: But before chia becomes some clay-thingy’s hair, they are seeds. And chia seeds are super healthy and you can eat them. (I will sprinkle photos of Chia … [Read more…]

Updated:  Winner winner- Kristin>OneCrazyMamaof4, please forward your address to [email protected] so that gift card can get mailed out to you.  Congrats! I run. I bike. I swim. I go the gym. I exercise a lot. Away from home. You hear about things happening to people … [Read more…]

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a publicist touting this book: Stress Less, Weigh Less. Normally I read and then delete 90% of those emails because they don’t apply to this site, or they don’t mesh with my thoughts on leading a healthy lifestyle. But I was intrigued about this book, Stress … [Read more…]

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE! — Unfortunately, we never heard back from one of our winners, so I had to pick another one. The new winner is Deb! Congrats, Deb! UPDATED — Congratulations to our winners, Kirsten and Sahutske! I’ve left comments and I will try to contact you on Twitter! As I draw closer … [Read more…]

UPDATE: We had to choose another winner since we never heard back from the original winner. *Steel Springs*, please forward your home address to [email protected] so that we can get this jersey out to you.  Thanks and congrats! Winner winner!  *Suzanne* please email your home address to … [Read more…]