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Hey all! Happy Halloween Eve! I just got back from Trunk or Treat and may or may not have overdosed on Reese’s Cups when I looked up and thought “OH CRAP! I forgot to pick a winner for the Fitbloggin’!” I licked the chocolate off my fingers, realized the irony of me licking chocolate off my … [Read more…]

The winner of the Girlz N Gear giveway is Jamee at A New Kind of Normal! Congrats girl! Send me your snail mail along with your choice of tee (excluding tech shirts), color and size! [email protected] If you didn’t win, go check them out and get one! They’re awesome! … [Read more…]

I am so, SO excited to let you all know about this week’s giveaway. In May 2011, there’s a little fitness blogging conference taking place in Baltimore, Maryland. It’s called Fitbloggin. And it’s amazing. It’s a weekend jam packed full of amazing speakers and information and get togethers … [Read more…]

******A winner has been chosen! Geridurant77 is the lucky girl. Congrats! Email us at [email protected] with your mailing deets ASAP!****** Happy Friday Sisters (and Brothers!). It’s time for my weekly Round-up. Here are some great things I want to share with you: It’s Fall! I … [Read more…]

Holy shoot this thing is going quickly! Writing to you today from exile island, myself! *looks around at other exilees and waves hello!* I hope you had a wonderful week this past week, we sure have had a lot going on. Like, for instance, our challenges, logging minutes and taking part in the … [Read more…]

This is the story of how I found an amazing company that is all about us girls. Back in June, Team Shrinking Jeans headed off to San Diego to run the Rock N Roll Half-Marathon for Team In Training. (As a team, we raised more than $50,000 but that’s not the point, I’m just bragging.) Two days … [Read more…]

UPDATED:: The winner of the gift pack is MEEYEEHERE!! Congratulations! Be sure to email me at [email protected]! Hi there! We’ve talked several times about the importance of goal setting. It’s hard to stay motivated to get where you’re going if you don’t even KNOW where you’re going, … [Read more…]

(Updated) Winner winner chicken dinner!  Congrats Trish- you are the winner of the Fuel Belt.  Please email your address and the item you want to [email protected] I started running with The Sisterhood back in October 2009 during our Virtual 5K Challenge.  Prior to that challenge, I hated … [Read more…]

Update! Winners have been chosen – check the comments. If you’re one of the lucky winners, please contact me at [email protected] with your snail mail info! Thank you!! ******* I am constantly on a quest for a healthy snack bar. There are SEVERAL out there, but I always find something … [Read more…]

***This giveaway is now closed! Winners have been chosen and were notified below in the comments!*** Coffee is good. Coffee that’s good for you is even better. Gather ’round and let me tell you a little story. A couple of weeks ago we received samples of Fitness Coffee. I brewed up a fresh pot, … [Read more…]

A winner has been chosen- DebraCC, send me your address info! All questions will be handed over to Dimity and Sarah and their responses will be posted in the very near future.  – Lisa This should come as no surprise- I like to run. I have two non-fiction books that I regularly read, that I … [Read more…]

UPDATED! The winner of the nuun gift pack is Kirsten!! Please contact me at [email protected] with your snail mail. And happy hydrating! ***** I have to be honest here. I don’t like to drink water. It is a chore. And it’s not as if I’m a big soda drinker either. I drink a cup or five … [Read more…]

As you all know I’m a little new to the whole culture of Shrinking Jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely excited to be here, but my body’s still adjusting to the estrogen levels. That slight level of discomfort reminds me of when I first started on my weight loss journey 13 months ago. I had … [Read more…]

*See the winner below in comments! You may or may not have heard me on Twitter professing my love for Pirate Brands Pirate’s Booty in the last few months. Seriously. I love the stuff. So does my husband, my kids, and even my dog! There are a few flavors I don’t care for all that much, but … [Read more…]

It’s Mailbag Monday! And time to pull out a question from our Sisterhood hat and try to answer it! This one’s for all us sisters and it’s one we get a lot. “How do you all get such freakin awesome giveaways?” OK, maybe it’s not worded quite like that, but the answer is the same. And I won’t try … [Read more…]