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It’s time! It’s time! We are taking registrations for our 2nd annual Team Shrinking Jeans! We are training to run or walk the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll half-marathon on June 5th, 2011. We will also offer the full marathon option for those of you crazy people who are interested in doing all 26.2 miles. … [Read more…]

Now that we’re into the new year, many people are making resolutions and looking to take their fitness challenges to new heights. This week’s Mailbag Monday question is a good one on that theme. Now many people may read this question and think, “what’s the big deal in moving up from a 5K to 10K”, … [Read more…]

Last week we announced our plan to train for the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 marathon on June 5th. We can’t wait. There is nothing better than hanging out in real life with the Sisters and Brothers we know so well from online. Read all about it here. Now listen, we really, really, REALLY want you … [Read more…]

In a post last week, I wrote about some easy New Year’s fitness resolutions for runners can take — baby steps, if you will — that will help make them better runners. This week, I wanted to take another look another problem that runners often have with their New Year’s Resolutions: making … [Read more…]

Hello Sisterhood readers. It’s time for the Mailbag Monday segment with your running questions. This week we’ll look briefly at two questions from Sisterhood members and see if we can clarify some things. Our first question comes from Karena and goes like this: “I’m power walking the Disney half … [Read more…]

Hello Sisterhood Readers. In our Mailbag Monday section today, we’re going to look at a question from a reader the experienced an injury and is now trying to resume training. Let’s look at the question first and then get down to business: “Most recently I was training to run in the San … [Read more…]

If you’ve been toying with the thought of running, now is the time! It’s time to lace up those shoes and hit the road. Literally. So read these articles and learn how to start running now with the Sisterhood! Couch to 5K, aka C25K- Read this great interview with Megan, one of our Sisters, who … [Read more…]

When I saw this question come through I have to admit I was more than excited to take a crack at it. It’s something I’ve wondered myself for a long time. I mean, it’s not very often that you go to and see an overweight Mom riding an electric shopping cart with her healthy, … [Read more…]

We have a couple of new questions to answer today in our short-answer format. The first was submitted on-line and the second one came up at a lunch with a group of The Sisters this weekend at the Nike Women’s Marathon. Here we go: The first question comes from Ann: “I ran my first 5K this past … [Read more…]

A couple weeks ago, we answered a question about thigh rubbage and how it can burn a hole in your pants. (Yep, it’s happened to me too on more than one occasion and that question was answered quite nicely might I add!) Well this week, I got a question from someone that I thought some of you … [Read more…]

We have two questions from Sisterhood readers this week about running issues. Keep those questions coming. The first question is well-timed as we’re starting to come up to Winter and the subject will be everyone’s minds. The other question, regarding overuse injuries, comes up all of the time. So … [Read more…]

Hey y’all! It’s Mailbag Monday, where we answer your burning questions! Please keep them coming – either by email to [email protected] OR simply leave a question in the comments section of this here post…simple!! This week’s question came from an anonymous reader: I have major thunder … [Read more…]

Hello sisters. It’s time for our next installment of ask Coach Joe about running and fitness. We have one question this week that has to do with run/walk intervals Get your questions answered here every other Monday, by writing in or commenting on a post. Jen, who is training for a half-marathon, … [Read more…]

Guess what? Today we don’t have any questions for Mailbag Monday. Yeah… that kinda makes for a lame post, huh? BUT…but……BUT…..we’ve gotten the most amazing offer from the most amazing woman ever. Dr. Mo, from Fit In My Heart and also on Twitter as @FitinMyHeart, who happens to be … [Read more…]

All right Sisters, it’s time for another edition of Mailbag Monday with Coach Joe. The questions were a little light these last two weeks, but two of them came in just in time to make this edition. If you have a question, throw it over to us to get into the next edition. This week we look for a … [Read more…]