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1. I’m still Shredding. Just finished today’s workout. Check out my progress here. 2. I missed Saturday. 3. I took last week off of the gym. 4. I went to the gym today. It felt good. 5. I came home and popped Jillian Michaels in. 6. Level 2 is so much harder after you have already bench pressed and … [Read more…]

Once again, it’s time for some fessing up 🙂 I am still weighing myself everyday. Sometimes more than once a day. My weight is going up instead of down this week. That really pisses me off because I’m doing so good this week. I’ve even worked out or gone hiking most days. And I never work … [Read more…]

I realize that Monday is more than half over- sorry!  Time slipped away from me.  Here are my confessions…. My baby is 6 months old and 16lbs 12oz.  Oh where does the time fly? I have been fairly good with watching what I eat. Except for yesterday at my cousin’s BBQ. I ate TWO hamburgers. They … [Read more…]

I got a new range and decided to try out the convection feature. I baked cupcakes. They were mini cupcakes. I ate more than I care to admit. Well, I actually can’t admit how many I ate because I lost track. They were the best cupcakes EVER. I won’t be baking anything for a long time because … [Read more…]

My son is almost six months old and I am down to only nursing him once a day, in the morning. A few weeks ago when I had to start supplementing due to low milk supply, I was very upset. Now, I am over it. He is much happier now with his fuller tummy. The past few days have been a series of food … [Read more…]

1. I went to the gym today. 2. It has been a long time since I have exercised. 3. It felt good, muscle burn good. 4. My friend Lauren and I worked out together. 5. We pushed each other to go faster, lift more, to go for just one more minute. 6. It was awesome. 7. As we were lifting weights, … [Read more…]

1. I have realized that my mental state has a direct effect on my physical state. 2. I have been in a funk the last few months and I believe this has a lot to do with my sllllloooooowww progress in losing weight. 3. The sun was out this weekend and it made me happy. 4. I ate junk food and drank … [Read more…]

1. I have been doing well with my fruits and veggies. 2. Wine counts as fruit, right? 3. No? 4. I had Dibs this weekend. You know, those ice cream things that are totally not healthy. 5. I’m thinking about doing yoga with Megan this week. 6. I’m scared that I am too fat. 7. I only went to the gym … [Read more…]

1.  I have had a hard time eating 5 servings of fruits and veggies this past week. 2.  The most I have had in one day is 4 servings. 3.  That was yesterday. 4.  I have struggled this week with poor eating habits. 5.  I blame it on stress. 6.  And my inability to not put food in my mouth. 7.  … [Read more…]

I stay up way too late. As a matter of fact, it’s 11:3o p.m. right now. This won’t post until tomorrow morning… I ate way too much fiber today. Need I say more? I’m so tired, I can’t think of anything to confess. Let me think harder……. Ah, I haven’t counted my points at all this week. FAIL. I … [Read more…]

1.  I ate a lot of junk while I was on vacation. 2. I did pick options off the “healthier” menu at restaurants. 3. I hit the hotel gym one day and swam two days. 4. I am back to my regular gym habit as of today. 5. This is probably TMI, but I really want to know if anyone else has this problem or if … [Read more…]

I dont want to be a party pooper. So Here goes…    1.  I had a bit of  major food break down tonight… 2 hamburgers..fries..a box of pudding and a container of cool-whip. It was sugar free / fat free puddin and coolwhip.. but, come on. 2.  I will do anything to avoid writing my essays for my … [Read more…]

These are my True Confessions for this week! I have not counted or logged my points at all this week. Being out of town makes it tough, although I could have done it if I’d tried. I did terrible with my water consumption over the weekend. I am so glad to be home so I can regain control of my … [Read more…]

Lisa has started Monday’s true confessions here at the shrinking jeans so I figured I would play along this week. I’ve had one of those weeks anyways… 1. I have not been drinking enough water, morning sickness is kicking my butt and fluids make me feel awful. 2. While I did have pizza on Friday, I … [Read more…]

Technically, it is Monday.  Time for my True Confessions!  If you want to play along, then write up your TC in your blog then leave the link in the comments.  Or just leave your TC in the comments! 1.  I do not want to write this post. 2. I have not had a good week for eating. 3.  I would like to … [Read more…]