WEEKLY – 5/25 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Hello Sisterhood! Today is Toot Your Horn Tuesday, and that means you get to brag all about the awesome things you’ve done this week. Heck, you can even brag about things you did last week if you want! Tell us all how incredibly awesome, strong, smart, beautiful, fast, witty, and brave you are. Tell us […]

If it’s Tuesday, it’s time to start tooting some horns. I know of several people who did some amazingly tootworthy things this past week. Were you one of them? My most tootworthy fete this week was participating in a two and a half hour zumbathon. It was so much fun. I got hot and sweaty, […]

I’m sitting here wondering what the heck I can toot my horn about about I’m drawing a blank.  Isn’t that sad?!  I’ve already *tooted* in the past about running, the building of our house and the like- what else is there?! Well of course, there is so much more. I want to toot about other […]

Hello, Internets! It’s my first ever ‘Toot Your Horn Tuesday’! I have to say, this is a great exercise for me. Because I’m going to have to really dig deep to find something to toot. It’s not that I’m really down on myself…it’s that I’m so exhausted lately that I can’t remember what the heck […]

So, I thought I had Thursday’s post to write but it turns out that I am supposed to write toot- ha ha today.  Really, I looked at our writing calender last week and fooled myself into thinking I had a post for a different day.  Silly me. My apologies for the lateness of this tooting. […]

Every Tuesday, we like to give ourselves a little pat on the back , toot our horns, and tell the world what we are doing right. Excuse me while I dig deep. {crickets} {more crickets} Okay, I’m back. This week, I started running again. Running my way. You know, jog, huff puff, walk, jog, repeat, […]

Good morning, ladies and gents! We are a few weeks into our newest fitness and weight loss challenge here at the Sisterhood, and hopefully you are still going strong! Remember that ACTION plan you came up with the very first day of the challenge? Have you been following it? Analyze your goals – decide what […]

Is it just me or did the first week of this challenge fly by? Maybe it’s because I was super busy or because I’m just getting older. It just seems like the older I get, the faster time goes. Whatever the reason, I can’t believe it is time for our first weigh in. We have […]

This is my first time to host Toot Your Horn Tuesday and I’m kind of excited!  See today is the day where we get to share something good that we’ve done over the past week and really, how much fun and powerful and positive and encouraging is it to focus on the good?  Am I […]

  Good Tuesday morning everyone! If you’re new to these parts of the Internets, the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans is all about supporting your in all of your weight-loss and fitness endeavors! Really! Today, I’m hear to do some tootin’ (I love to say that and totally laugh like a 12-year-old boy while I’m […]

Good morning, friends! How are you? The weather here in North Dakota has been amazing {like 70s!!}, and I can’t even tell you what it has done for my mood and motivation! I.love.it. How was your week? Did you toot your horn yesterday? I hope so, because everyone deserves an “atta-girl” once in awhile! We’re […]

Does this look familiar to you? It looks very familiar to me. It has kind of become my new best friend. I’ve got some horn tooting to do, girlfriends. So, listen up because I’m proud of myself this week. Last month, I did the Fab Ab February ab workout. Bari had posted it and I […]

Good morning, friends! If you are here to listen to all my juicy confessions from the past week, you are going to be sorely disappointed. We are changing things up on Tuesdays from here on out. We are ONLY going to be focusing on the positives! No more negative Nilly. If you have nothing nice […]

Wait. WAIT. This challenge is over? It’s February 29 already?! Read it and weep, peeps. This challenge is in the books. Over. Done with. Finito. By now, you know the drill. Weigh, blog, check in.  Let us know – how did this challenge go for you? Did you reach all or most of your goals? […]

  Ah, confessions. How I’ve missed you! Let’s start off with the baking, shall we? I’m not that big of a baker, but when I do manage to make something that’s edible, I tend to go through it really fast. These chocolate chip cupcake things made with ricotta cheese? Yeah. They’re good. And not lasting […]