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I’ve been sitting here staring at my laptop for 30 minutes while I watch a Tivo’d episode of Storage Wars. Have you seen it? OMG, I confess that I’m addicted to it. You must see it, and lucky for you it comes on tonight right after our Tworkout. What?! Yes! Check it on Tuesdays on […]

It’s been a while since I’ve done True Confessions Tuesday and boy am I glad to be doing it today. I seriously need to press the “reset” button this holiday season. In addition to the regular holidays, we have 4 birthdays in the family. Do you know what 4 birthdays in the family means? 4 CAKES. […]

Hello there!  If you are here on a Wednesday morning, it must be check in time.  Go hop on those scales and see how Thanksgiving was to you.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  Okay, now tell us how it went.  Either write a post and leave your link or just tell us about it in the […]

I can’t even get my head around how dumb it was for me to schedule myself to write the True Confessions post the week after Thanksgiving. That said, at least you’ll be entertained. Here we go: Confession 1: I hosted Thanksgiving this year. I could have chosen healthful recipes. I could have made better decisions. […]

Let me start this post by saying I am happy that this isn’t next weeks True Confessions. I’m pretty sure I’ll have some not so good confessing then. I’ll try to be good over the holiday weekend, but there is just so much to get me into trouble. Enough about next week. Here is what […]

Thanksgiving is upon us. Food, food and more food. I always vow I won’t overindulge. And then?  The stuffing, the gravy, the mashed potatoes – they form a coalition to completely wreck my willpower. Cranberry sauce joins the party and I’m defenseless. I wake up the next morning in a shroud of regret, doing the […]

Holy smokes!  Can you believe we’re already at the FINAL check-in for the 2011 Shrinkvivor Challenge?!  This challenge seems like it just flew by so quickly!  We’re now only ONE DAY away from finding out who will be the Ultimate Shrinkvivor and win our fabulous prize package. Didn’t make the Top 7?  No worries, the […]

Welcome to another edition of True Confessions, the post where you get to confess all of your unhealthy sins from the past week. Once you confess them, you are instructed to just let them go because the past is in the past and you WILL do better this week, correct? Correct. OK! I think because […]

It’s Tuesday, so that means it’s time for another round of True Confessions.  Being on the editorial calendar for this post actually couldn’t have come at a better time for me.  You see, I’ll been struggling … hard!  Not only have I fallen off the wagon, but it’s run me over a few many times […]

CRAP! I confess that I didn’t realize I was on the calendar for today’s post until right now! It’s Tuesday and time to step into the Sisterhood Confessional. We won’t judge you, but we will give you the boost (or kick in the ass) you need to get back on track if it’s been a […]

I don’t know about you, but I had a pretty good week. What I’m confessing is mostly good. I’m also thinking that a lot of you will be doing the same thing. Saturday was our Run the ‘Hood 5k. I had a blast doing it. I wrote all about it over here. I’ve been trying […]

It’s Wednesday, so you know what that means.  It’s Shrinkvivor check-in time!  How’s everyone doing so far?  Have you been keeping up with the fitness challenge and mini challenges we’ve been throwing at you each week?  Be sure to check in and let us know how everything is going so far! Fitness Challenge This week […]

        So, um, obviously, my first confession is that I forgot my confessions today. I was happily typing up the Tworkout post when I thought, Tworkout. Tuesday. TRUE CONFESSIONS! CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! I would like to apologize to all of you because I know you’ve been probably waiting on day to hear […]

IT’S FALL! IT’S FALL! IT’S FALL! IT’S FALL! Now that I got that out of my system, can you tell that I’m excited that it’s FINALLY fall? The ice cream binging days are over. Oh yes, they are! Only to be replaced by fall comfort food. Sigh. My husband and son went to our local […]

Hello SHRINKVIVORS! Welcome back to the island. This is week two and a very big week it is. This is where the real fun begins. This is where we see who did what the first week and the voting begins. It’s time for you to go and weigh in. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Now, go […]