True Confessions – 3/11 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


It’s Tuesday and time to confess it all.  Have you been good?  Bad?  Eh?  Did you fall off the wagon/get back on/pull the wagon? Here are my confessions: I am tired.  My days begin at 6:30am and don’t stop until at least 8pm, sometimes later if I still have household stuff that needs to be […]

  So, have you heard about those giant slugs that are invading southern Florida?  Well, apparently one has invaded southern California lately, too.  Yeah, that would be me … in the exercise department! I’m not sure exactly what happened because I had been doing really well for a while.  I had my groove going and […]

The truth? Food and fitness-wise, things are ugly around here. I’m hanging out in this post-baby rut and I’m searching for a way out, but so far, no dice. Every night I tell myself: You’ll do better tomorrow. Better food choices. You’ll go for a run. But inevitably, I’m stressed or tired, and healthy choices […]

It’s that time of the week to cleanse the soul and confess our sins since last Tuesday. I have one great big thing to confess. It was a holiday weekend. It was kind of the official end of the summer weekend. We had three parties and I drank at every one of them. Stupid I […]

I know I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but my life is incredibly busy right now.  Even though I don’t have significant other or children like many of you, it just feels like my life is running in overdrive right now.  How so you might ask?  Well …. I worked nearly 60 hours at […]

All those ready for school to be back in session so that you can get back to your normally scheduled healthy living, please raise your hand! I have not done all that great in the self-control department this summer. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that I recorded a gain the first week of summer […]

It is Tuesday and you know what that means. It is time to cleanse the soul of all the trangressions of the past week. The lack of exercise, the bad food, the lack of fruits and veggies, you know the drill. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones that gets to confess that you […]

Here’s the dealio. I am having an illicit affair with ice cream and I need an intervention. Lately, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT after I finally get the babe to sleep, I have an overwhelming urge for ice cream. And I have to admit, I have been giving in. I don’t quite understand it. I have never […]

Well, let’s see.  Today is Tuesday and I have lots and lots to confess, but I will try to stay on task. During the last 4 weeks, I have traveled FOUR times.  That means I have eaten four times as bad as one trip out of town.  My goodness.  I have had the vacation mindset […]

How funny is it that I am finding myself writing this post today? Or is it just cruel? 😉 I *just* finished writing this post on my current state of mind, which pretty much clues you in to how I’ve been doing lately. Confession: I’m lost. Not the good kind of lost. Each day begins […]

Sooooo, can we just pretend last week didn’t happen? If you want to pretend that last week didn’t happen, please raise your hand. (Patiently waiting to see if anyone else raised their hand) Last week, my whole family took a little road trip to visit my husband’s family in Illinois. That’s about a 12 hour […]

So my dear sisters and brothers, here we are at the point of the week that many of us dread. I haven’t had many True Confessions lately that I was embarrassed to post. Today, I’m not real proud of myself. I had a pretty good week. I kept up with my boot camp workouts. I […]

Ok, it’s time to ‘fess up.  Who ate waaaaaaay too much over the long July 4th weekend?  I, for one, sure know I did!  It wasn’t that I really ate anything particularly that bad for me, it was just the quantity of how much I ate. The good news?  You don’t have to let a […]

Does anyone come to dread Tuesdays? Or do you look at it as an opportunity for the ultimate in accountability? “The truth shall set you free” and all that? Just curious. And I’m rambling. And avoiding. LOL! Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. My transgressions have been light this week, but they are there […]

  I remember one time, not so long ago On Twitter, I heard some chatter to and fro About a new snack, someone gave a tip, and they were all loopy about something called popchips.   Whatever, I thought, I have a  favorite snack. These, popchips or whatever;  they sound kind of whack. Nothing can […]