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We all know that we’ve been doing the Wii, or Shredding, or finishing triathlons, or 5ks, or whatever you’ve been doing fitness wise. So, with all this fitnessing and challenging and exercising, I want you to answer this question: How fit are you? Being fit is such an abstract term.  How do you … [Read more…]

Hello sisters and brothers!! Today is weigh-in day here at the Sisterhood, and we want to know how you did this past (non-challenge) week! Did you keep up your momentum and shrink some more? We hope so. Hop on those scales and let us know how you did, okay! And now for the important stuff! SHOW US … [Read more…]

Today is the day!! The final weigh-in for the Shrink for Good Challenge, and boy are we excited to find out how everyone did! This challenge has been about so much more than just losing weight. It’s been about coming together as a community and doing something good for someone besides ourselves. … [Read more…]

Despite my 40 point dessert, I managed to drop another pound this week! That brings me to 3 pounds for the challenge (1.6 pounds down from where I started…stupid Week 1 gain!) 2 pounds to go!! … [Read more…]

Every single one of us has more than we should on our plate. Most of us are parents. Some of stay home, and some of us work outside the home. Each of these factors creates a specific set of challenges when it comes to mapping out our daily schedules. Here’s my story: I have 2 children and I’m a stay … [Read more…]

Our next exercise challenge start date is quickly approaching and I need to know, are you “in” or are you “out”? Here are the details…. EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge Start Date: Monday, August 31st Runs: 30 DAYS! Equipment Needed: Wii and the EA Sports Active “game” (or click on the link down … [Read more…]

.!.I haven’t posted on my personal blog in a while because frankly, I am struggling right now. The summer has been extremely busy with traveling other places, having LOTS of friends and family visit us and more traveling. It has been extremely difficult to maintain any kind of exercise regimen, let … [Read more…]

This is it, Sisters and Brothers! After 7 long weeks, we’ve finally come to the end of this challenge! WOOHOOOOOO for all of you that stuck it out. First off, I’d like to thank all the sponsors for this week’s Weigh-in Giveaway: Tia Margie Plain White Press And a big thank you to all … [Read more…]

I know, it’s Monday. I forgot to announce the winner of our giveaway last week! OOPS. Sorry! The winner of the handmade jewelry by the talented and gorgeous Steph is… MEL from A Box of Chocolates! Congrats, girl! Email me ([email protected]) and we will get your prize on it’s way! … [Read more…]

The beautiful Steph from Team Sage is sponsoring this week’s weigh-in giveaway! She is donating her own beautiful, handmade jewelry! How do you win? Step on your scale, blog about it, and leave a comment in tomorrow’s weigh-in post linking to it! (Or just leave your results/thoughts in the comments … [Read more…]

Here are our winners… First, a $15 iTunes gift card from Stesha over at Hot Chocolate Caramel Mocha goes to… Tracey F.!!! and the copy of Lite ‘N’ Up: Laugh Yourself Skinny, from Plain White Press goes to… Michelle L.!!! CONGRATULATIONS, girls! Email me ([email protected]) with your … [Read more…]

We have two more awesome prizes to give away this week! First, a handmade bracelet made by the beautiful and talented Sandi from What Were We Thinking? THE WINNER IS…. Melissa F.! Seriously, girl?? Can I please, PLEASE have some of your luck? Next, a copy of Lite ‘N’ Up: Laugh Yourself Skinny… THE … [Read more…]

Ready to hear what awesome prizes we are giving away tomorrow?? Of course you are! First, a handmade bracelet made by the beautiful and talented Sandi from What Were We Thinking? and second, a copy of Lite ‘N’ Up: Laugh Yourself Skinny, donated by Plain White Press. Thank you to both of our … [Read more…]

We have two fabulous prizes to give away this week! First up, a 24 oz. Camelbak water bottle, donated by Catie… THE WINNER IS…. Melissa F.! Next, a copy of Lite ‘N’ Up: Laugh Yourself Skinny… THE WINNER IS… Priscilla! Congrats, ladies! Priscilla, please email me with your contact info so … [Read more…]

Once again, we are giving away some fabulous prizes for stepping on that scale! This week you can win a 24 oz. Camelbak water bottle, donated by the fabulous Catie… or a copy of Lite ‘N’ Up: Laugh Yourself Skinny, where you can journal your daily eating habits and laugh while you are doing … [Read more…]