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Do not adjust your computer monitors.  It is Beth, finally posting on the Shrinking Jeans site and while I’m doing that, I’m eating an apple. Which can only mean one really cool and very important thing:  I am finally inspired to lose weight.  We all know that you can’t take a weight loss plunge … [Read more…]

I am writing here today, well, because I can. And I also don’t feel like writing my numbers on my other blog. WI today: 229, +2 lbs. I am pretty much back where I started last December!! Augh! I was expecting a little gain this week because I haven’t been eating very well, plus I have my period. … [Read more…]

What’s up ladies (and one lonely man)?!!!! Warm weather is popping up here, and there and everywhere. Before you know it, bathing suit season will be upon us! Don’t you just love wearing a bathing suit in a public place? I need a suit that brings the “girls” to attention, minimizes my tummy area, … [Read more…]

Our Kiss Me, I’m Shrinking! challenge is coming to a screeching halt today! We kept this one short and sweet! Did you shrink? Did you get kissed? We want to know! The writers at Shrinking Jeans want your input… Do you like shorter challenges or would you rather they be longer? What is your “ideal” … [Read more…]

Worst Candy TWIX (1 pckg) 280 calories, 27 g sugars, 14 g fat (11 g sat.) Saturated Fat Equivalent: 11 strips of bacon Eat This Instead: 100 GRAND (1 pckg) 190 calories, 22 g sugars, 8 g fat ( 5 g saturated) Source:  Eat This, Not That! … [Read more…]

Week two of the Kiss Me, I’m Shrinking challenge -DONE! How did you do? Are you kicking some butt or have you fallen off the wagon a bit? Whatever the case may be, it’s that time of the week where you just let it all out. Pour your heart out on your blog (or down below) and link to it. Then give a … [Read more…]

**UPDATE: Today is the LAST day to enter to this giveaway! Don’t miss it!** “BornFit is that flutter inside your heart…that vibrancy for life – when you’re about to embark on something new and different or even all too familiar, but it makes you feel alive, scared, or even anxious.” This is the … [Read more…]

Helllloooo? Echo… Echo… Is this thing on? Tap, tap. Things seem to be awfully… vacant… around here today. Liven’ up people! It’s Friday! TRAIL MIX, DRIED FRUIT, AND MIXED NUTS Eat This! Sunsweet Pitted Prunes – 100 cal, 0 g fat, 12 g sugar, 3 g fiber – Per gram, prunes provide ewer calories, … [Read more…]

Are you shrinking yet?  Are you ready to be kissed?! It’s Weigh-In Wednesday and Week 1 of our “Kiss Me, I’m Shrinking” Challenge.  This challenge is only three weeks long- it’s more of a sprint!  How are you doing?  Are you eating right?  Exercising when you can?  Have you faced any personal … [Read more…]

Seasonings and Condiments with a Points value of 0 per serving: Baking powder Baking Soda Capers Extracts Flavorings Herbs Horseradish Hot sauce ( pepper sauce ) Lemon Juice Lime Juice ( no sugar added) Mustard Non stick cooking or baking spray Relish Salsa (fat free) Soy Sauce ( … [Read more…]

Do y’all remember when Crooked Eyebrow posted a review on Eat This Not That, The Supermarket Survival Guide? I picked up the book while we were on vacation, and let me just say it is SO VERY INTERESTING. There are some complete shockers in there! I thought I would share some of the information to … [Read more…]

Congratulations to our Biggest Shrinker for the Looking Fine for Valentine’s Challenge! Way to go Kate! She lost 16.7# during our challenge! You are such an inspiration to us all! Here is Kate’s story: Kate! I am so proud to say a Sister from my own town is the Biggest Shrinker! What was your … [Read more…]

Hello girls and boy! Are you ready for a new challenge here at the Sisterhood? Can I hear a ‘hell YEAH’ or ‘heck YEAH’ or whatever your comfortable shouting at the top of your lungs!!? I know we’re ready, and this one’s going to be fast and furious! The new challenge is called: Kiss Me, I’m … [Read more…]

All right ladies and gentleman today is the last weigh in day for our Looking Fine for Valentine’s Challenge here at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. How did you all do? I’m hoping each and everyone of you were looking fine not only for your sweetie, but that you are now feeling good for … [Read more…]

I found this list on the Weight Watchers site. I think it’s good information for those just starting out, or those of us who need a little refresher! Milk Drinking whole milk cappuccinos and lattes will use your daily POINTS® Allowance up quickly. Use fat-free or low-fat milk instead, and look for … [Read more…]