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Are you ready for another challenge here at the Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans? Yes, yes you are! So put your gym shoes on and get ready for a 6 week challenge where we not only tackle topics on weight loss, but being heart healthy too! All just in time for Valentine’s Day. Now if we can only stay … [Read more…]

Don’t put away your scales yet ladies (and gentlemen) because today is weigh-in day with the Sisterhood. Just a few weeks ago we all took on a challenge that had us dreaming of a light Christmas. The challenge is over now and we’re wondering, did it work for you? Are you lighter? Healthier? Do you … [Read more…]

Holy cow. Did Christmas just really happen? I mean seriously? Is today REALLY New Year’s Eve? Yes, yes, yes, I know. Not all of us at the Sisterhood were present during this oh-so-difficult dieting hurdle. Heck, some of us even gained a couple of pounds. Yeah, I know, it sucks, but we are trying to … [Read more…]

Yes, ladies (and man), it’s that time again. We are so proud of you for making it this far!! Time to pull the old scale out, blow the dust off, and step on. Are the numbers dropping for you? Good! If not, that’s okay too, but buckle down because we’re about to enter the hardest two weeks of the … [Read more…]

During the week at work, finding time to take a lunch is often difficult. I  often found myself eating on the go out of “not so nutritious” vending machines and feeling hungry and horrible in just a sew short hours. My body was not getting the nutrition it needed at work. Snacks loaded with … [Read more…]

Do you know that if you breastfeed you get 10 extra points a day on Weight Watchers? As far as I’m concerned, that’s reason enough to nurse Mia until she starts kindergarten! Okay, that’s kinda much, but damn, I’m totally not looking forward to scaling back 10 points when I’m done nursing. She just … [Read more…]

Congratulations on making it through Challenge Week 1!! We are so proud of you! So how did you do the first week of the challenge? We know it was tough. Lord knows we all had some bumps in the road, but we made it!! Wooohoooooo. So today, we still don’t have Mr. Linky working, but we will, … [Read more…]

If you’re an online Weight Watcher (and you’ve logged in recently!), you might have noticed some changes. WW has a new plan called Momentum. It seems they’ve done away with the Flex and Core plans, and come up with a new option that’s the best of both worlds. Something new and fabulous. Something … [Read more…]

Oh my goodness! It’s been a crazy week for me. Between working and kids and counting points, I’ve been one busy mama. I will say that, so far, it’s been a good week. I feel great about my weight loss journey so far. I’ve fallen back into Weight Watchers online easily and it is like riding a bike. … [Read more…]

Good morning, everyone!! Today is day one, and can we tell you how excited we are? It almost feels like the weight is already lifting, like we’re finally taking charge of our diets. Woooohooooooo!!! So did you weigh-in this morning? If so, make sure to document your weight so you’ll know what your … [Read more…]