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Posted by christy on April 21, 2009

Do you remember when you decided it was finally time to take the big step? Admitting that you were overweight, out of shape, and ready to make that life changing decision to lose weight? Well, this past week we had lots of new ladies step on the scale and decide it was time to Shrink with the Sisterhood! Please give all of them a warm Sisterhood welcome, k?

LOVE’s Sewing Becky

Tirah @ Shepdogg; One P Double G

Emma @ jellybelly*jellybrain
Cathy @ Mommy Needs Motivation
Melanie @ Better Than Normal
DT @ Training for Half’s Blog
Debbie @ Dining with Debbie
Misty @ Just Because
Courtney @ From Fat to Fit – A New Mom’s Journey

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Posted by christy on April 13, 2009

Each and every week we’re growing! This week we welcome 12 new Sisters to the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans! All of these women are amazing for making the decision to take control of their lives, their weight, and their health. Let’s give them all a big Sisterhood welcome, K?!

Teresa @ Rose City Queen

Michelle @ Michelle’s 30-Day Shred Challenge

Tara @ Mama’s Little Timeout

Shelly @ Shelly Losing

Ciara @ Diary of a Thick Chick

Danielle @ Alberts Family

Terri @ Incredible Unorganized Mom

Kat @ Just a Beachkat


Theresa @ Fitter not Fatter

Ang @ Get Fit After 40


If you would like to join the Sisterhood it’s as simple as grabbing one of our buttons,adding it to your blog sidebar, and letting us know you’d like to be added to our blogroll! We’re in the midst of our Shrink into Summer challenge, and it’s never to late to join in! We’re also having a Shredding with the Sisterhood challenge and we’re on Day 8 now. Again, we encourage you to join in now, because it’s never too late to let Jillian Michaels shred you up!!!

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Posted by christy on April 6, 2009

Whether you’re here for our Shrink into Summer Challenge or the 30 Day Shredding with the Sisterhood, we welcome you! Each and every one of you brings something special to the Sisterhood! Your bring support, insight, advice, struggles, victories, and friendship!! The great thing is that you’ll find all of the stuff you bring and more here at the Sisterhood. Come on in, grab a glass of water from the cooler over there, get to know some of our Sisters, get motivated to take that step and finally get in shape, eat healthy, and lose the weight!

If you’d like to join us, grab a button and slap it on your sidebar then contact us and let us know you’re ready to Shrink!

Here are the latest Sisters who’ve stepped up to the Challenge!!

Megan -@ Sorta Crunchy
Pat @ Grasp the Love