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So yeah, it’s Daylight Savings tonight. Spring forward, peeps. I can’t tell you how many times we were late to Sunday School when I was a kid because of Daylight Savings. Of course, we wouldn’t realize we were late until we pulled the burgundy minivan into the full parking lot and entered the … [Read more…]

You may have noticed things look a little funny around here and around Shrinking Kitchen. So did we. We are experiencing more traffic than anticipated and are facing a few bumps in the road and kinks to work out. We are working around the clock to get things running smoothly … [Read more…]

We have some very exciting news for you! Today marks the launch of our incredible new website, Shrinking Kitchen! What is Shrinking Kitchen, you ask? It’s a brand-spankin’ new website brought to you by the co-founders of The Sisterhood, and we’ve added Heather to the menu as our Editor-in-Chief! … [Read more…]

Happy New Year, friends! Are you so excited to start this year with a bang? Are you overflowing with ideas, plans, and resolutions? Yes? SO ARE WE! The Challenge We have a brand-spankin’ new challenge for 2012! I will get into the details down below! This challenge is open to both Shrinkers … [Read more…]

Put on your birthday hat, because we are celebrating a special birthday here at the Sisterhood! That’s right! It’s Nancy’s special day! Let’s shower her with some birthday love! 5 REASONS WHY WE SIMPLY ADORE NANCY: Her optimism is contagious! Nancy never hesitates to encourage us or give us a … [Read more…]

In honor of living in the moment and going with the flow, I shot today’s Shrinkvivor vlog with my six month old daughter. She’s much cuter than I am. Enjoy.   httpv:// P.S. If this video is showing up sideways for you, switch from viewing in 360p to 240p. Or turn your … [Read more…]

It’s what you’ve been waiting all week for! RACE RESULTS! I want to congratulate each and every one of you who got your butt out there and finished your event! I hope you enjoyed yourself, and that you pushed yourself hard! Before we get to the times, we would like feedback from you, so that our … [Read more…]

On a fine fall morning, we woke up to a surprise, That was so great, we could barely believe our eyes. We were nominated for Shape’s Best Blogger Awards! For bloggers like us, we couldn’t ask for anything more! One of 20 Inspiring Weight-Loss blogs they say, And that’s so crazy awesome in … [Read more…]

And now, what you have all been waiting for…. TRIBAL COUNCIL!   Yeah. I know. I’m a total dork. As are my children. httpv:// Updated tribes page here. … [Read more…]

Good afternoon, everyone! How are you doing? Are you off to a great shrinktastic start to our new challenge? Hopefully, you remembered to check-in yesterday! There were several people who didn’t and many of you who got a little confused or forgot. Those of you who were late but got a hold of us … [Read more…]

For the past 11 weeks, we have pushed ourselves, ate the right foods, and sweated our butts off. Okay, well, maybe I didn’t, but it’s obvious by the numbers that some of you have been working so hard! The final results  are SO CLOSE! The Top 3 teams are separated by less than a few tenths of a … [Read more…]

He has lost over 200 lbs. He completed a HALF IRONMAN this month. He is the testosterone behind The Sisterhood. We think he is pretty freakin’ awesome, so please wish Sean a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY as he celebrates his 13,513th day of living. We can’t wait to see what you do with yourself … [Read more…]

Hey, friends! Sorry I am so late today! Been crazy-busy with getting the kids back to school and volleyball and football and… Check the updated current team roster here! I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I can barely keep my eyes open! Here are the results! 6.01%    TEAM … [Read more…]

How are you on this beautiful Thursday morning? We have some super-impressive numbers for you this week! I think y’all must have gotten hold of your second wind! First, go check the current team roster here, once again several more people have been dropped off teams for not checking in 4 or more … [Read more…]

On Saturday, October 22nd, we’ll lace up our shoes for another awesome Sisterhood Virtual Race! This year, we’ll all run our own race, in our own place, at our own pace! Registration is now open, and we’ll begin the Couch to 5K and Couch to 10K programs this weekend! Yeah, we like to plunge … [Read more…]