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I used to be a gym rat, exercising 4-5 times a week.  I was one fit mother. A pregnancy and now almost 8 month old baby who will only nap at home and my gym days have been very numbered. I opted to do the 30 Day Shred with you fine ladies and saw awesome results. But today, I did not want to … [Read more…]

Hey all of you Shredders!!  (or Shred the Second-ers!  Whatever you choose to call yourself!)  How goes the shredding?  You still better be shredding!  If you’ve had a rough day or missed a day, don’t get down!  Just get back to it. Now. So, I did my first day of Level 2 today.  I missed a day last … [Read more…]

Okay, so I totally got the idea for this post from one of the Biggest Loser contestants.  If you watch the show, you know that the contestants spend 16 weeks on the Biggest Loser campus if they‘re not voted off.  Their job for these 16 weeks is to lose weight.  And it’s a full time job.  They work … [Read more…]

A few weeks ago, I ran across this blog. I was completely blown away by this man’s attitude and success he has had in reshaping his mindset and his physical self. He once weighed in at over 400 lbs and has managed to lose over HALF HIS WEIGHT! Amazing! I asked him if he would be willing to subject … [Read more…]

Today was Day5 of the 30 Day Shred here at the Sisterhood, and I have to say it was my best day yet! I can honestly say I loved it today!! Here’s how it all went down. I put my daughter, Mia, down for her morning nap as usual and planned to get Shredding right away, only this time with my 5 year old … [Read more…]

Listen, I’m about to embark on day 4 of shredding and I have good news.  I’m not as sore as I was yesterday morning!  I actually feel quite good!  Which is good because yesterday morning I stood at the top of my stairs and considered rolling down the stairs, I thought that it probably wouldn’t hurt … [Read more…]

I’ve always been a night owl.  For as long as I can remember, I would stay up very late at night and be exhausted the next day.  When I was a kid, it would not have been unusual for me to sleep until 1pm or later on the weekends. I am no longer afforded the luxury of sleeping in, but that hasn’t … [Read more…]

Now I know the Sisterhood is here to help you stay motivated, to give you a place to hold yourself accountable, somewhere to come when you are feeling down and need kind words. The Sisterhood is all of that and more! But  now, I’m encouraging you to take a step further and find a friend here. … [Read more…]

I am feeling a little complacent. Lazy, if you will. I have reached an all time low (weight) in my journey, and I feel like I’m stumbling, for lack of a better word. I WANT to lose the rest of the weight, believe me I do. I just feel like I’m lacking in motivation, which is crazy, because my … [Read more…]

Christy is visiting me and last night, while I was preparing dinner, she schooled me about trimming the fat of the pot roast.  Apparently, I am supposed to trim the fat BEFORE I put the roast into the crock pot, not AFTER.  DOH!  It totally makes sense now that she ever so gently mentioned this to … [Read more…]

Thea, who blogs over at I’m a Drama Mama, has been a die hard Sister since we opened our virtual doors back in November. When we brainstormed new contributors, Thea’s name was the first to pop into our heads since she worked so hard with Beth on Tales from the Scales. And it’s our lucky day, because … [Read more…]

On September 4, 2008, I weighed 166 pounds! Today I’m at 148 pounds and I hit my 10% weightloss goal on WW! I’m so excited. I didn’t even realize it when I posted this morning! So, WOOOHOOOOO for me! I’m down 18 pounds since restarting WW in 09.08! Since starting the Sisterhood in November, I’m down … [Read more…]

This is more like an FYI… and a disgusting one at that. After reading this, you can thank me for helping you keep your caloric intake down for today. ;o) The FDA allows certain amounts of *bonus* ingredients in our food, lucky us… Canned Pineapple – Can contain up to 20 percent moldy … [Read more…]

Seasonings and Condiments with a Points value of 0 per serving: Baking powder Baking Soda Capers Extracts Flavorings Herbs Horseradish Hot sauce ( pepper sauce ) Lemon Juice Lime Juice ( no sugar added) Mustard Non stick cooking or baking spray Relish Salsa (fat free) Soy Sauce ( … [Read more…]

Do y’all remember when Crooked Eyebrow posted a review on Eat This Not That, The Supermarket Survival Guide? I picked up the book while we were on vacation, and let me just say it is SO VERY INTERESTING. There are some complete shockers in there! I thought I would share some of the information to … [Read more…]