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There are a lot of projects going on around here aren’t there? We are finishing up September’s Monthly Project which is to free yourself from yourself! I know Rome wasn’t built in a  day but how did you do? I’ve been posting about them at my own blog, I tackled my issue with “overcommitting” … [Read more…]

Remember me? Yes, I’m the girl who gives everyone homework that no one likes (oh stop, you love me dont you?) Well, if you haven’t read about this month’s “Monthly Project”, go to there and check it out. We’re working on our innards this month and we want you to tackle something. Which behaviors … [Read more…]

Here at the Sisterhood, we are all about the health, the fitness, and you know, the  shrinking. And I wish it were just that black and white. But it just is not. With all this working out and the healthy eating and the shrinking comes issues and behaviors and concerns, insecurities and … [Read more…]

Aaaand that’s the wrap! August is coming to an end and so is our Monthly Project for August. Did you partake? How did you do? What did you do? Please feel free to post your wrap up and link it up here in the comments so we can all share! Mine went really well. I got my shopping and pantry and … [Read more…]

It’s time to check in on where we are in the Pantry Purge! How’s it going?? I’m doing good (thank you for asking!) Don’t know what the Pantry Purge is? It’s never too late to work on it, we’re trying to USE WHAT WE HAVE, get creative with things that overfloweth in our pantries and freezers, both … [Read more…]

This week has been an eye opener for me. Do you have any idea how much frozen chicken I have? And how many bags of bagged salad I throw away weekly? It’s so sad! So for week one of our Pantry Purge Project here at the Sisterhood, I have made almost all of the frozen chicken I had stores of and … [Read more…]

We’re BAAA-ACK! Do you remember The Monday Project? We’ll, we’re mixing it up all up in here as the MONTHLY Project instead. On the first of each month, we’re going to have a new project, something fun for you to work on each month that will help you become well-rounded in your fitnesses. A while … [Read more…]

Good morning, everyone! I’ve been thinking recently that it’s almost July. Which means that half the year is already almost gone. Can you believe it?? I feel like it was just January! This year is flying! Some of you have been here for a while and might remember our “Rethink Your Shrink” … [Read more…]

  The month of May is all about spring cleaning here at the Sisterhood! Have you read about May’s Monday Project? Basically we’re cleaning out the things that irk us. Fitness related, cleaning related, relationship related, whatever you want! Because any sort of stress has tremendous effects on our … [Read more…]

Remember that Calgon commercial with the slogan, “Calgon, take me away….”? Or better yet, Kramer’s and the Costanza’s “Serenity now”? Spring is all about renewal, rebirth and rejuvenation. It’s about spring cleaning and organizing and fresh starts. Opening up the windows, getting de-winterized … [Read more…]

Hi! How did you do this week? Did you round up the troops and head outside? Did you convince someone that getting active was totally awesome? Go hiking? Bike riding? Spread the exercise joy around? You can read more about this week’s Monday Project here. Tomorrow is soccer day with my son, so … [Read more…]

Hi! Welcome back for yet another Monday Project!!! (Are we having fun yet??) Boy it sure is lookin’ purty out these days, in’t it? It’s gorgeous out here in sunny Florida, it’s that perfect temperature right before the oppressive summer heat. This week’s project is to get active outside and … [Read more…]

If you’ve been a party to my Tweets this weekend, you’ll know that I went out and did an open water swim this weekend, in the very spot where I will be swimming next weekend for an Olympic-distance triathlon, my longest triathlon yet. Well, in short, the swim didn’t go so well. But I can’t stop … [Read more…]

  We all know that we have tremendous influence on other people and their lives, and when we get healthier, other people want to be healthy too. It’s like a very healthy food flu, only the side-effects are feeling fantastic, feeling full on healthy choices and having a ton of energy and nice … [Read more…]

This week’s Monday Project is a part 2! Last week, we picked out a book that’s something to do with fitness and/or healthy living and this week we’re reading it. Today, if you have a great suggestion for a book that you’ve already read, please leave it in the comments below!! If you’re just now … [Read more…]