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Mel is a 40-something Tennessee girl who is  living in the land of the beautiful people, also known as Southern California.  By day, she works full-time as an IT manager in the aerospace industry.  By night, she is a full-time college student finishing a degree in Information Technology before entering an MBA program with an emphasis on IT Management.  In her spare time (Ha!), Mel enjoys traveling, doing needlework (cross-stitching and needlepoint), playing with her cat Brandi, reading on her Kindle, and playing games on her iPad.  Oh yeah, did we mention Mel is an uber-geek, ‘cuz she is!

Mel began battling her weight in earnest in her late teens/early twenties and has struggled with it most of her adult life.   She joined Weight Watchers several years ago after her mother had a heart attack (at age 58!) and went on to lose 138 pounds.  Sadly, while dealing with some major medical issues (including a multi-level spinal fusion) and going through a very ugly divorce, she ended up regaining most of the weight over a span of about four or five years  due to a lot of stress eating and a sedentary lifestyle.

Fast forward to today and Mel is back on track with Weight Watchers.  She’s on her way to getting the weight back off and being active again.  She is determined not to quit, no matter how long it might take, until she is a Weight Watchers Lifetime member mostly because she’s tired of paying them.

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