Olympics – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


It’s time for the Sisterhood Olympics once again! Try your best, compete your little heart out, and take home a medal! You can RSVP to as many or as little events as you want. We will have a live Olympic awards ceremony on Twitter on Friday, February 11th at 8 p.m. Central! Maybe you will earn the title of Ultimate Shrinking Olympian!

The Ultimate Shrinking Olympian medal and prize will be awarded to the individual who accumulates the most points during the 2011 Olympics. Each gold medal is worth 4 points, silver medal is worth 3 points, and the bronze medal is worth 2 point, and participation in the event is worth 1 point. Good luck!

Report your daily results for each event separately on THIS FORM by 12 midnight Pacific time to be in the medal running for your event! Questions? Email us at [email protected]!


  • Run or Walk a Marathon! (26.2 miles over the entire Olympics)

Tuesday, February 1:

  • 1-mile dash (time)
  • Fastest cycling mile (time)

Wednesday, February 2:

  • Rowing (# of rows in 6 mins)
  • 3-Minute Wii Fit Hula-Hoop (# of hoops)

Thursday, February 3:

Friday, February 4:

Saturday, February 5:

  • 6 Miles Cycling (time)
  • Burpees (in good form, # in 3 min)

Sunday, February 6:

  • Plank Hold (time)
  • 10k run (time)
  • 10k walk (time)
  • 10k elliptical (time)

Monday, February 7:

  • Mini-Tri
  • 1/2 mini Tri
  • Run-bike-run Du (time)

Tuesday, February 8:

Wednesday, February 9:

  • Relay (team of 4): 4 x 1 mile (combined times)
  • Wall-Sits (time)

Thursday, February 10:

  • Squat hold (time)
  • Push-Ups (# in 3 min)