First off, don’t you just love my $5 word? Yeah, I pulled this one out of the archives. I used it a lot when I used to high jump. The penultimate step – the next to last. The power step.

Which is what this weigh in is…the final being on Saturday.

So, is this my ‘power’ weigh in? In a word, NO. But I still lost, a bit. Which I shouldn’t have.

I didn’t do terribly with food, but I was bad (again) about tracking. But where I really lost it was exercise. I try to get at least three thirty minute runs in per week, as well as some EA Active.  This week? Two half ass runs.

The first run, I had our 100 pound golden retriever, Carl. Who I realize now does not like running and should be joining the Sisterhood. Cause he’s a WEE bit overweight.  Anyhow, Carl made it a bout 1/2 mile before he began lagging behind me. About two miles in, I gave up and walked with him – which he took as an opportunity to sit down on the sidewalk and not budge. I almost had to call my husband to come pick us up.

The second run, well, I’m pretty sure I was having an anxiety attack.  Chest pain. Couldn’t take a deep breath. Normally I’d attribute that to being out of shape, but I’ve been running for some time now and can normally make it through a half hour easily. So, I only ran about 15 minutes, then decided I didn’t want to have a heart attack on the side of the road.

So, excuses, excuses. Oh well.

Like I said, somehow I managed to lose this week.  Probably due to stress, most recently added to by a run-in with a certain corporate entity that sells home improvement products. But that’s another story entirely.

So, today, three days before final weigh in, I am down .7, which I will gladly take.

That puts me at 168.9.  I know that unless I shave my head or lose a limb, I won’t hit my goal of 10 pounds for this challenge.   What I am hoping for is to drop the.9 and be squarely at 168.  Seven pounds for this challenge is fine by me.

See y’all Saturday!