Truthfully, I did NOT want to hop on the scale this morning. I put it off as long as possible.

This week was not good. I didn’t log into the Weight Watchers site once. I’ve fallen behind on the 30 day challenge.  People have been filling our house with fatty, high calorie foods. As I type, I am looking at a pack of Little Debbie Brownies, a tray of cinnamon rolls, and tapioca pudding snack packs. In the fridge? Half and half for coffee, tons of butter, and a pasta dish someone brought for us that contains – wait for it –  butter, cream, and three kinds of cheese. And they brought enough to feed the Duggars. I KNOW.

Unfortunately, no one else in the house seems to want to eat any of it. So here I am, with temptation staring me squarely in the face. I have literally had my hand in the box of brownies more times than I can count. But, somehow, I haven’t eaten any. For me, this is a miracle. I keep telling myself those calories are for my mother in law. I DO NOT NEED THEM.

Still, I didn’t eat great this week, and didn’t track my food properly. My water consumption was almost nonexistent. I only ran twice (once was my race on Saturday).

Clearly, everything this week should have added up to a gain. And after my 2.9 pound gain last week, well, I was feeling pretty down on myself.

So, back to the scale. I weighed myself.

And, somehow, I lost .9 pounds.

Whew. I know that I totally dodged a bullet this week. I know I need to make a huge recommittment or all my previous hard work will be for naught.

And with that, I make a promise to myself to really try this week. More than a brownie, more than a big dish of cheesy pasta, I really need to feel positive about myself right now. That,  more than anything, will help me be strong and keep a positive outlook.

I hope everyone else had a better week! If you had one like me, let’s get back on track. WE CAN DO IT!