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Before I had children, I was pretty good at nurturing myself. I had desk drawers of art supplies to play with, scented candles to burn, and lived within a few blocks of a beautiful regional park to hike and jog through. I journaled regularly and knew the best places to sit for a while and […]

Hey, hey! Did you read all about our girl, Monica last week? We had a blast getting to know her better! This week, the spotlight was handed over to Britt! Congrats, girl! Name: Brittany Staires Blog: Twitter: @gettinfitbritt Age: 24, soon to be 25 Hometown: Lafayette, La– but soon to be living in Austin, […]

Last week, we got to know Joanna and this week she is passing the privilege on to Colleen! Colleen is our very own Social Sister and we just love her! Name: Colleen Blog: Twitter: tryn2bfit Age: 27 Hometown: Boston Tell us about your family. I have my peanut she is 18 months old and […]

*Updated! The lucky owner of the energize your morning kit is in the comments! Sweet or savory? I always go sweet, especially at breakfast time. Yes, I have a weakness for all things pastry and cake. Doughnuts, muffins, danish? Yum. But, unfortunately, most baked goods aren’t the healthiest way to start your day. And diet […]

******A winner has been chosen! Geridurant77 is the lucky girl. Congrats! Email us at [email protected] with your mailing deets ASAP!****** Happy Friday Sisters (and Brothers!). It’s time for my weekly Round-up. Here are some great things I want to share with you: It’s Fall! I love this time of year with all of my being. […]

Tonight I hopped on Twitter for a little inspiration for this post, and let me tell you, our amazing followers didn’t disappoint! Within 5 minutes I had enough great ideas to write the Thursday Three for the next 29 weeks, or so. @Mama_Sass suggested my top 3 ‘ah-ha’ moments. @bacrdimama suggest my top three motivational […]

Advertise on The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans is a leading health and fitness website. Founded in 2008, The Sisterhood is dedicated to bringing their community valuable and pertinent information for their healthy living journeys.. The site is filled with delicious recipes, workouts, fitness tips, playlists, and so much […]

I was reading weigh-in posts Wednesday evening, and this post by Sarah inspired me to talk about one thing that most of us may have had problems with when it comes to fitness. By show of hands (Yes, I can see you raise your hands.  Didn’t you know that?), who here has experienced this: You […]

If there’s on piece of advice I can offer someone who’s thinking about running, it’s find a program and stick to it like glue. No matter how physically fit you are or aren’t, if you’ve never run and you try to do too much to soon, you’ll just end up injured, frustrated, and you’ll likely […]

Please see in the comments below if you’re a winner! (Winner selected by Picture it, Sicily 1942-oh sorry, way too many late night Golden Girls episodes lately.  Where was I?  Oh yes, picture it: I go to the gym, pick a machine, turn on my ipod, choose my playlist, put my ear buds in, […]

This is really April’s idea, but since it is Friday, I am going to bark the orders. ;o) Exercise doesn’t have to be something you dread… you can actually *gasp* enjoy yourself and have fun while you are doing it! Here’s what we want you to do: *Go blast your stereo, iPod, laptop… you decide! […]