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Breast Cancer Awareness October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and most of you will be seeing PINK every where you go, from the local grocery store selling Breast Cancer Awareness cloth grocery bags, to Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirts and hats to little trinkets just to bring awareness to the forefront. You will also find walks […]

Thanksgiving is over – know what that means? We’re in full on holiday mode. Meaning lots of food, lots of stress and super crazy schedules. Or is that just me? Sigh. Holiday stress + ample amounts of delicious treats = me eating my feelings. Not a good equation, y’all. Not good at all. What I’ve […]

Updated on 6/19: Giveaway winnner has been chosen! Congratulations to Lacey D., and thanks to all for reading and participating! ****** I’m guilty of it and you probably are too. Most women are, in fact. What am I talking about? Putting your own health on the back burner to attend to the needs (and, let’s […]