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Posted by melissa on April 23, 2009

I’m not going to lie to you… I am going through a real rocky point in my marriage right now. I won’t go into any of the details, but I have been married for over 9 years and we have been through some doozies. This is one of the toughest periods so far.

I have a tendency to say, “Screw It!” when I am feeling overwhelmed and sad and angry. I know, KNOW, that exercise makes me feel better. I KNOW THIS. But something switches in my head and I go into self-destruct mode. Sidetrack for a second… some of the other SJ girls and I were featured in an AOL Health article! Squeal!!! Check out our advice here! My advice does correspond to this post, I promise! ;o)

Anyway, I was in full-force, do-nothing, auto-pilot mode today. Eating well, but SCREW THE EXERCISE. I’ll show him, right??? And then I just happened to check in on Arianne, and I read this post that she so eloquently wrote. And then I told myself, “Melissa, you WILL NOT fail this. Suck it up and just do it! The things around you may be failing, but you will not fail yourself.

Barefoot and in my jammies that I have been wearing ALL DAY, I shredded – for me, for her, and for you.