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Back in December of 2011, I had the pleasure of doing an email interview with Ali Vincent. I had met her the November before when she did an appearance for the local hospital. She was amazing and inspiring. I loved every minute of that night listening to her talk about her life with Biggest Loser … [Read more…]

June 2 was the day before my stepdad had his medical emergency. That explains why I forgot about writing this post sooner. It was also the day that I jumped on the train to Chicago with my friend for the Self Workout in the Park event. It was only the second day of June, but it was a hot one and … [Read more…]

I swore to myself that I would not ever buy another “diet” book. I knew what was the right way to lose weight. I knew that exercise was an important part of weight loss. I knew that there was no quicky way to get the job done. I knew that I had to do the work. Period!! Well…I started … [Read more…]

Do you remember this picture of Alison Sweeney and myself? It was taken last May at the Self Magazine Workout in the Park event in Chicago. Workout in the Park was my first real press event as a writer for Shrinking Jeans. To say that it was an awesome day would be an understatement. I got … [Read more…]

With the return of spring comes the return of an exciting fitness event – SELF Magazine’s Workout in the Park! There are three events in San Francisco (May 5), New York (May 12) and Chicago (June 2). Local fitness fans and I are invited to join Dolvett Quince (trainer on The Biggest Loser) at … [Read more…]

I think that we all know about the ups and downs of weight loss and fitness. The peaks and valleys, so to speak. We have our good days, we have our bad days. We have the days or weeks when we are in a rut and having a hard time finding our way out. It is during those times that we have to dig … [Read more…]

Holy cow! The new season of the Biggest Loser is upon us! Are you guys excited? I fully admit to being apprehensive. I mean, we all know what happened that one season when Jillian wasn’t on the show. What was that other trainer’s name? Yeah. Exactly. This season, we have a celebrity training the … [Read more…]

Name: Tracey Sanders Blog: Twitter: @asoulm8 Age: 42 (43 in August) Hometown: Dover, DE Tell us about your family. My husband and I will have been married for 7 years in September and my son is going to be 5 in October. We live in Maryland about 25 … [Read more…]

Happy Tuesday, my friends! For all of you Biggest Loser fans, tonight is the finale, which means we’re going to have a blast watching while we tworkout. For all of you who don’t watch The Biggest Loser, you’re still going to have a blast tworking out with us, yes? Yes. If you’re new to the … [Read more…]

Happy Tuesday! Has everyone had a great week so far? I’ll tell ya, I’m excited because tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central, I’ll be joining Subway’s Twitness Party right before our regularly scheduled Tworkout. I would love it if you would follow along! Go here to RSVP! Then, at 9 p.m. … [Read more…]

Happy Biggest Loser Tuesday everyone! You know what kills me about that show? Here I am trying to be all bad ass and kick your asses give you guys a fantastic tworkout and they go and make me cry. Thanks Biggest Loser, thanks a lot. That said! Tonight is Tworkout night! Join us on Twitter at 8 … [Read more…]

So, last week, The Biggest Loser gave us two new trainers but didn’t show us what they look like. Come on! We need to know if they’re cute trainers at least, right?! What did you guys think of the episode? Who is your favorite team so far? You know the drill, today is Tuesday. The day before … [Read more…]

The Biggest Loser returns tonight! Yay! I must admit, that I’m narrowing my eyes at you Biggest Loser producers, just so you know. We all know what happened the last time ya’ll added a new trainer. (What was her name?) So, producers: PROVE ME WRONG. Anyway, to all of my tweeps: Are ya’ll ready … [Read more…]

Who is in for a Tworkout™ tonight?! It’s the episode before the season finale of The Biggest Loser, and I MAY have something special in store for next week! But before next week, we have this week, so let’s get a good Tworkout in before tomorrow’s check-in! What do you say?! Tonight’s … [Read more…]

So. Talk to me. What do you guys thing of The Biggest Loser so far this season? Do you like how they’ve switched things around? Who is your favorite contestant this season? Who do you think is in it for the money? Now, after you answer all of those questions, you can get your water bottle, your … [Read more…]