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Hello Shrinkers! How are you this fine Wednesday morning? Summer is such a hard time for so many of us to lose weight. After all, it’s summer. There’s always a block party, or a pool party, or a trip to the lake or coast beckoning. A lot of us are doing good to maintain our […]

Good morning everyone!  How are you doing?  We have just a few days left for our Blast Into Summer challenge.  Are you ready to kick it into high gear and shed some more before our challenge is over? GO FOR IT- YOU CAN DO IT!  For those participating in our DietBet challenge, you have  days […]

Good morning! We are knee-deep into our summer weight loss challenge! Tell us… how are you doing? Are you keeping your cravings at bay? Are you breaking a sweat each day {and not just from the sweltering heat!}? Link to your blog below, or leave a comment letting us know what progress you are making! […]

Week one of our latest weight loss challenge is in the books, and what a week it’s been! If you’ve got kids in school, they’re most likely out of school at this point, and your life if probably a lot crazier! We kicked off summer with an awesome pool party yesterday, and if it’s any […]