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Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that we are doing away with the blogroll tab at the top of the main site! We encourage you to put your blog address in your profile at the ‘hood, that way everyone can get to know each other! Have a safe, healthy, and FABULOUS New Year’s Eve! … [Read more…]

The blogroll has been WIPED CLEAN. That’s right! It was so… 2008! We are starting fresh! If you are an active participant in the new challenges, Shrink For Good and/or our EA Sports Active challenge, and are sporting one of our sweet buttons in your sidebar, leave a comment below with your name … [Read more…]

Calling all Sisters and Brothers!  Gather ’round, gather ’round!!  We’ve had a lot of new people join our ranks in the past few weeks and I want to introduce them to you!! New to the Sisterhood and Blogroll we have: Kathi Laura D. Char @ Losing The Weight And Keeping It Off Lisa H. @ Lose with … [Read more…]

Do you remember the day that you found the Sisterhood?  Of course you do!  What I remember most is getting the warmest of welcomes.  I never expected it, but I loved every single bit of it and every single comment I received from each Sister. That’s why I get so excited to see new members join our … [Read more…]

It’s that time of year again girls and boys… you know, the time when Christy and I decide we must organize the site. I sure wish that happened with my house! Take a look at the blogroll. If you are an active member, make sure you have a button on your sidebar, leave a quick comment and say “here” … [Read more…]

We are doing some spring cleaning around the site this week, starting with the blogroll. We visited everyone’s blogs, and have deleted the links of the people that we believed were not participating anymore. So, please check out the blogroll, look for your name, make sure you have a button in your … [Read more…]

Make sure you check out the blogroll and if you are not on it and would like to be, let us know so we can get you added! … [Read more…]