body – The Shrinking Jeans of Thea


September 29, 2010 By thea

Sometimes, my own niceness scares me.

I was so worried about that lonely little pound that I went ahead and gained another one to keep it company!

Isn’t that sweet? I thought so!

And because I’m so nice and even though there are 2 pounds to send packing, I’m not even worrying about it.

Isn’t it amazing how we can go back and forth between zen and obsessive when it comes to weight loss (or maintenance or whatever)? I gained weight this week but I’m o.k. with it.

My clothes still fit, in fact I had to tighten the belt one more notch. I feel good. I’m happy. I’m active. I’ve picked new fitness goals.

How can that be wrong?

So those two pounds can play together happily until my body decides they serve no purpose and  kicks them out. All I can do is give my body the tools it needs to do it’s job.

I’m just the assistant.

And a nice one at that.