candy – The Shrinking Jeans of Thea


April 14, 2010 By thea

The good news: I maintained this week!

The bad news: I gained two pounds last week, LOL!

So, my little maintenance streak ended last week, but I wasn’t too torn up about it.  I have no illusions that I am going to make it all year without a gain here or there. I figured my body was just taking a break and it was a false gain.

But when I stepped on the scale this week and it was exactly the same (158.4), I knew something was up.

The weird part is that I don’t FEEL like I’ve gone off the wagon.  I’m not totally gorging myself on food.  My workouts have scaled way back but I’m still doing a little something. But something has changed.

What I feel is bloated.  My water is consumption is down.  I’m only getting about 64 oz a day instead of my usual 96 oz. I’m not sure why I’m drinking less.  I’ll have to keep an eye on that.

And as much as I don’t like running, that was when I was maintaining my weight so I have to take that into consideration.

So, here’s the new plan.

  1. Get my water back up to 96 oz. a day.  No exceptions.
  2. As much as I like the Wii, it’s just not enough to be my main source of movement.  I can use it for rainy days and quick fun movement.  But I need hardcore cardio, I think. That means back to running and biking. And I’m still toying with the idea of boxing, but I ‘m not sure I can fit that in if I am going to do a tri program.  I’m really all over the board with the exercise.
  3. I can’t have “treats” 3 times a day. If I have a cookie after school with the kids, I can’t have ice cream after dinner, too.  I may have to break up with sugar, but I really, REALLY don’t want to.  Really don’t want to.

I’m going to start there.  Hopefully, I’ll see a downward trend next week!

March 16, 2010 By thea

I was thinking that I was actually doing pretty good this past week.

And then I got my Daily Mile workout report on my e-mail.  And it reminded me that I didn’t log a single workout last week.

I guess there’s that.

But I started anew with my 10k training program this morning.  I went to the gym and found the weight machines I needed and then discovered some long lost muscles.

Who woulda thunk that my calves would be so weak?

And then there’s the dessert.  There’s some leftover Valentine’s Day candy that has been calling my name from his place of honor in the middle of the counter.  And the last of the Girl Scout cookies that have been around so long.

But they’re going to be around a little while longer.  For this week’s Monday Project, I’m giving up candy/dessert for a week.

Which I will start today because I had already eaten cookies yesterday before I read the post about the Monday Project.

The end.

January 13, 2010 By thea

After getting a solid 7 hours of sleep last night (a rarity these days), I stepped on the scale and hesitantly looked down.

You see, I’ve had a less than stellar week.  I slipped up on two of my challenge goals and does anyone else think that Christmas candy rivals Halloween candy in terms of sheer volume?

I may have indulged in a Hershey Kiss.  Or 50.  Some may have been slathered in peanut butter.  I’ll never tell.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that while I gained, I am still in my healthy range….so it’s all good.

I have a bit of a challenge on the horizon.  My family leaves on Sunday afternoon for vacation.  We will be spending a week at Walt Disney World and I’m a little nervous.  I hope I don’t let myself go too much.  The resort has a 1.5 mile running path so I’m bringing all of my running stuff.  I just need to actually…you know…RUN!

November 4, 2009 By thea

I seriously can’t believe that I’m typing this, but…

I have gained no weight this week.

Considering I ate an entire bag of chips last night (while watching The Biggest Loser) and the invasion of the Halloween candy, it truly is amazing that I did not gain any weight.

I can’t take back the bag o’ chips, but I can do something about the candy. I let Jake and Emma choose 10 pieces of candy each (notice the lack of chocolate in the picture) and I chose some pieces to go into the candy jar that we use for lunches…mostly Smarties and Dum-Dums.

The rest? Is going to work with Dave. He can deal with it. And he will…he doesn’t really like candy so it’ll last a while.

Overall, I can’t complain too much, but I’ll look forward to seeing a loss next week!

Side note: I finally donated the 50 lbs of food to the food bank!