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Good morning, ladies and gents! We are a few weeks into our newest fitness and weight loss challenge here at the Sisterhood, and hopefully you are still going strong! Remember that ACTION plan you came up with the very first day of the challenge? Have you been following it? Analyze your goals – … [Read more…]

Birthday! We have a birthday! I won’t tell you how many candles are on her cake this year, just that it’s more candles than I had on my cake. 🙂 Christie is your average mother, wife, and friend. Only she’s not. This girl? Does some pretty amazing things. She runs. She swims. She … [Read more…]

From Christie O.: I was on the road last week for 12 hours so I didn’t get to check in until Monday and I almost fell down when I saw my name for the spotlight! OK, I was sitting so I didn’t fall down, but I did cry! So thanks Roo, for all your kind words, it was so awesome to meet you in … [Read more…]

Welcome to Tribal Council Shrinkvivor Challengers. We are *this* close to the end of our challenge and finding out who our Ultimate and Exiled Shrinkvivors are. SO exciting! This evening we’ll have a special edition of our Tribal Council – Top 7 Tribal Council – so make sure you check back. I’ll say … [Read more…]

It’s time for the Editors’ Weekly Round-Up, where I (or Christy) share some of the fun, interesting, and meaningful things we’ve come across during the week. First up, one of my good friends, Kirsten, is selling BondiBands to raise money for her 14-year-old niece, McKenna who has been diagnosed … [Read more…]

Each and every week, one of our Sisters is chosen by another Sister to be highlighted in the Sisterhood Spotlight. Last week, Beki was our featured Sister and that means she gets to pass the torch on to another deserving woman this week! I must add that I wholeheartedly agree with her choice, as … [Read more…]

Our lovable Christie O. is putting on a fun (and very brave) fundraiser today at Westfield Countryside Mall in Clearwater, FL, from 10 a.m. until closing or until she reaches her Team Shrinking Jeans fundraising goal, whichever comes first. She’s super nervous, as we all would be, so let’s show her … [Read more…]

Brace yourselves, Sisters (and Brothers), because this is going to be packed with all kinds of excitement and information. For.real. How are you doing on the 21 Days Challenge? It’s been 14 days and hopefully those new habits are slowly forming! How are you feeling? Is it getting easier, or has it … [Read more…]

I am forever in awe of Christie O. This past Sunday, she completed her FIRST triathlon and we are so proud of her! She wrote about her experience on her weekly Mantra Monday post and I am reposting it here with her permission so that all of you can be inspired! HERE IT IS! A Mantra Monday best told … [Read more…]