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Welcome to our very first Shrinkvivor Tribal Council. While we didn’t really have anything to council over, we are announcing the first Physical Challenge for the Immunity Idol. The team who wins the challenge will get the Immunity Idol and will be safe from going to Exile Island at the next Tribal … [Read more…]

It’s time for the Editors’ Weekly Round-Up, where I (or Melissa) share some of the fun, interesting, and important things I’ve come across during the week. Did you know that September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month? Well it is. Did you know that Ovarian Cancer is called the silent killer? It’s … [Read more…]

Shrinkvivor: OutFit, OutLose, OutLast We know you’ve been dying to know every last stinkin’ detail about our upcoming challenge. You have, right? Or are we the only ones stupid-excited about it? (Please say no, please say no!). This challenge is inspired by the hit reality TV show Survivor! Duh, … [Read more…]

***This giveaway is now closed! Winners have been chosen and were notified below in the comments!*** Coffee is good. Coffee that’s good for you is even better. Gather ’round and let me tell you a little story. A couple of weeks ago we received samples of Fitness Coffee. I brewed up a fresh pot, … [Read more…]

Tonight I hopped on Twitter for a little inspiration for this post, and let me tell you, our amazing followers didn’t disappoint! Within 5 minutes I had enough great ideas to write the Thursday Three for the next 29 weeks, or so. @Mama_Sass suggested my top 3 ‘ah-ha’ moments. @bacrdimama … [Read more…]

****Our Team Shrinking Jeans Bash has come to an end! We are in the process of evaluating, tabulating and calculating the numbers, so stay tuned for the announcement of the winners on Wednesday!**** That’s right! You heard us, we’re hosting a bash and we are inviting you to join in the fun! … [Read more…]

More Workouts is the newest fitness game from EA SPORTS Active. Like Personal Trainer, More Workouts guides you through pre-set workouts, just like a personal trainer would in the gym. The beauty is you don’t have to pay personal trainer prices and you can get an amazing workout without ever taking … [Read more…]

The blogroll has been WIPED CLEAN. That’s right! It was so… 2008! We are starting fresh! If you are an active participant in the new challenges, Shrink For Good and/or our EA Sports Active challenge, and are sporting one of our sweet buttons in your sidebar, leave a comment below with your name … [Read more…]

Brace yourselves, Sisters (and Brothers), because this is going to be packed with all kinds of excitement and information. For.real. How are you doing on the 21 Days Challenge? It’s been 14 days and hopefully those new habits are slowly forming! How are you feeling? Is it getting easier, or has it … [Read more…]

The Shrinking Days of Summer challenge is over and done. The last seven weeks have flown by. Did you see the results you were hoping for? Did you go above and beyond or fall a little short? I am so proud of each and every one of you who stuck this challenge out! Give yourself a hand! Ready to see … [Read more…]

We are nearing the end of our Shrinking Days of Summer challenge and I am so impressed by all you Shrinkers out there! Let’s take a look at this week’s Team Leaderboard! (Remember, the percentages are based on the OVERALL results for the entire challenge!) Team Sage is still leaving us in their … [Read more…]

Our calculations are complete! Here is this week’s leaderboard: (Remember, the percentages are based on the OVERALL results for the entire challenge!) Team Sage is ON FIRE!! They have lost a total of 4.05% Wowza! We are so jealous proud of you! Once again, here they … [Read more…]

The numbers are tallied and the results are in! (Remember, the percentages are based on the OVERALL results for the entire challenge!) Team Sage has hung on to their lead for another week with a total loss of 3.19%! Fantastic work girls and guy! You are doing AMAZING things and we are so proud of … [Read more…]

And now, what we’ve all been waiting for… (Remember, the percentages are based on the OVERALL results for the entire challenge!) We have a new leading team! Team Sage has inched up to dethrone Team Lime from their number one spot! Way to go Team Sage, you have been working hard to shrink those … [Read more…]

Are you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for this week’s results? Well here they are!!! (These percentages are based on the overall loss so far during this challenge.) As you can see, Team LIME is still in the lead, but their margin is slipping! Team SAGE is hot on their trails this week. … [Read more…]