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I know alot of us are stay at home moms, and that can only mean one thing! Our kids are out of school for the summer and we have no idea how we’re going to fill the waking hours, muchless find time for us to exercise. Am I right, or am I right? I’ve come up with a few ideas, most of which I will use … [Read more…]

Happy Weigh-In Wednesday everyone!!  How are all of our lovely teams doing? Can you believe how quickly time flies?  Week #1 is over and done.  So, how did you do?  You know we want to know! Are you having fun with your teams?  Are you getting to know each other?  I hope so!!  This is why we are … [Read more…]

Day in and day out, Melissa, April, Lisa and I work hard to bring you new information, exciting challenges, delicious recipes, fitness facts, and real life stories about our own weight losses. We do it all because we love each and every one of you so much! You are our extended family, and every … [Read more…]

Tammi, aka ValleyGirl, is the Biggest Shrinker for the Shrink Into Summer Challenge! She was kind enough to answer some questions for us, so grab a tall glass of water and get to know Tammi! Name: Tammi Blog: Well, there’s the weight loss blog, of course ~ Becoming a Woman of Moderation ~ but my … [Read more…]

Can you believe our Shrink into Summer challenge is coming to a close?! Our FINAL weigh-in is this Wednesday! Have you been shrinking? Are you getting buff? We have some AWESOME prizes this week! From Dawn at Embracing the Ordinary Life:   Mary Kay Sunscreen (SPF 30) and Sun Replenishing Gel. From … [Read more…]

We have several new ladies who’ve decided to join us here at the Sisterhood! Even though our current challenge is coming to and end, it’s never a bad time to become part of the Sisterhood. Now is always a good time to start eating better and exercising! Like these ladies below, you shouldn’t put it … [Read more…]

I haven’t been around much lately, well, I have, but only behind the scenes, because I feel like a big, fat failure right now. I lost my momentum, had a couple of bad weeks, and then went out of town for a week. It seems like as soon as I quit shredding, it all went straight to hell. And no, I … [Read more…]

I love asparagus and this time of year it seems to be readily available and reasonably priced! This recipe is one I haven’t tried, but I do plan to make it this week. It sounds so fresh and light, but filling! I think I’ll substitute some Barilla Plus fettuccine noodles in place of regular because … [Read more…]

To all of our Sisters who are also Mothers: Happy Mother’s Day! From all of us at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. … [Read more…]

Over the past 2 weeks, we’ve had many new Sisters join our ranks. As I’ve said before, not only do each and every one of these ladies bring something wonderful to the Sisterhood, they are also here looking for support and encouragement from our community. Please make sure to give them a warm … [Read more…]

Recently, Kellogg’s approached the Sisterhood and asked us to take the All Bran 10 Day Promise challenge! Since we’re always looking for ways to improve our diets, we happily agreed to load up on fiber and report back to y’all on how it makes us feel! For the next 10 days, Lisa, Melissa, Donya and I … [Read more…]

I am on Day4 of Level 3 on the 30-Day Shred, and maybe it’s just me, but it seems to be getting harder each day rather than easier. I mean, I’m already sweating and out of breath after the freaking warm up! By the time I hit circuit 2 I’m ready to die, and when circuit 3 rolls around, sweat is … [Read more…]

Research shows that on average, Americans are eating only half the recommended 3 servings of dairy foods each day. That means it’s likely we will come up short on the recommended amounts of calcium and other essential nutrients dairy foods naturally provide to help keep bones strong and bodies … [Read more…]

This week’s winner of the weigh-in giveaway, sponsored by Kim @ Nothing But Chatter is…….. …..our very own ValleyGirl, Tammi @ Becoming a Woman of Moderation Tammi’s prize includes some really nice goodies to help soothe her aching muscles! Tammi, if you can email me with your mailing … [Read more…]

Can you believe we’re halfway through the Shrink Into Summer challenge? Yes, it’s true, we have 4 weeks left! Four whole weeks to meet your goal, and you can do it! You know the drill! Hop on your scales, blog all about it, and come back here with your link. Did you struggle this week? Did you … [Read more…]