Clothes | Christy


As you know, this site is all about shrinking. You shrinking, me shrinking, everybody shrinking! We’re here because our jeans are/were too tight, heck all of our clothes are too tight. Our goal is shrink so we can buy new, smaller jeans!

So tell me, when you’re done shrinking, what is the one thing you can wait to buy? For me, it’s a really good pair of jeans. Not necessarily super-expensive jeans, but jeans that fit like they were made for me. Jeans that aren’t too long (I’m a shorty), have the perfect rise, (so I don’t get that God-forsaken muffin-top spillage) great pockets that don’t make my butt look too big (cause I’ve got some junk in my trunk), and  they have to be soft. So soft.

So help a sister out, tell me what you dream jeans are? What brand? What cut? What style?

And don’t forget to share what one item of clothing you’re longing to buy when you shrink!