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I was sitting here (okay fine, I’m lying on my bed) thinking about how different the Sisterhood is now than it was a year ago.   It was only 4 months old.  A wee baby, just learning how to spread her wings.  Finding her place in the big scary world known as the bloggy world. She […]

Holy cow, is it THAT day already?  Weigh-in day?  You better believe it!! First, how’s the 21 Day Challenge going?  You are participating in it, aren’t you?  (You better be!) How is it going?  Are those new and healthy habits forming?  I’ll be they are! Okay, sisters and brothers, it’s time.  Love them or hate […]

Good morning Sisters and Brothers! It’s weigh-in day here at the Sisterhood, so rub the sleep out of your eyes, dust off your scales and step on. How’s it looking? Is it a good number? Are you shrinking? We sure hope so! Yesterday we started a brand new challenge, and this time we’re doing things […]

Good morning ladies and gentleman!!  Gather ’round, it’s Wednesday, and you know that what means!  That’s right, it’s weigh-in day!  How’d you do?  For those of us in the States, how did your holiday weekend go?  Did you do good?  Bad?  Talk to us! Okay, you know the drill.  Go get on those scales.  Remember, […]

After the complete debacle that was my weigh-in this morning, I decided to get my butt in gear and start counting my points. I mean, I actually pay for a Weight Watchers Online subscription and it just sits there, unused, wasting away. So today I drug out my trusty food scale, my measuring cups and […]