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February 25, 2010 By lisa

Craptastic Morning

  • Get all three children dressed and fed
  • Toddler reaches up to kitchen table and pulls down a full glass of water onto himself and the floor
  • Pre-school gets bitten by a spider and it swells up
  • Kindergartner mouthy and sassy and pouty and whiney
  • Stressed out and overwhelmed and tired by all that needs to be done
  • Laundry, kitchen, toys picked up, mail sorted
  • Pre-schooler’s birthday planned for tomorrow
  • Pre-schooler’s family party for Saturday
  • Need to buy present for him AND for a party my daughter is going to
  • Set up “chore store” so that I can get my kids on board with doing chores and earning prizes
  • worrying about fundraising, fundraising, fundraising for Team in Training
  • must exercise/run this morning
  • drop off each child in three different places
  • run to Walmart to drop off donation letter request, pick up a few things
  • run to Target for birthday presents (didn’t have at Walmart)
  • scarf down breakfast and coffee

That was just this morning.  Have I mentioned that my husband has a work schedule that does not allow him to be around much?  I won’t go into specifics because ya’ll don’t need to know all the details, but suffice it to say that I do a lot of the “raising of the kids and taking care of the kids” by myself during the week.

Add a big ole heaping mess of “OMG, there is so much going on at Shrinking Jeans” and yes, I was feeling craptastic this morning.  My husband and Christy got to bear the brunt of my venting.

Then, I went for my run. 

My mind was completely free of “all the things I need to do”, the to-do lists put to the side for 39:38 minutes (3.53 miles).

That was the BEST 39:38 minutes of my life.

Now, I feel refreshed and like I can do anything.  The chores are still there to be done, the party still needs to be planned, the kids still need taken care of, my house still looks like a bomb went off in it, but folks, I did something for me- something that I enjoy and that frees me from my overcluttered, overwhelmed, overstressed mind.

And that, THAT is why I will keep running, even after the half marathon is over and done with.