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Although I tried really hard for the first few weeks, I found myself getting too comfortable around the holidays. A little too comfortable. Like gaining a lot back comfortable.

All my dieting plans went out the window and floated around like the little snow flurries we had. They were out there, they just didn’t amount to very much .

I’m starting over, back to the beginning! I have a goal and I have to get there. For good. I don’t want to be dieting for the rest of my life. This weight loss journey  is just that, a journey. There is bound to be some bumps and forks in the roads, such as holidays to throw me off course.

Today I feel like I am holding the map to my success. With both hands on each side of the  map, I am  holding it up for everyone to see. It’s  showing me that I have to exercise daily to get to my destination and my goal. Also, to  accept the fact that I can no longer eat a sugar and fat laced diet like I have been, unless I am willing to take the longest route possible.

You see, my weight loss map has roads of disappointments too. I have traveled those roads before, quite a bit actually. I no longer like taking those roads. I want to travel on the high way of  weight loss success. The quickest and healthiest way to get me where I am going.  With the map I can now see where these low roads are for me, hopefully I will just plan my course around them. With this new year and new map,  I feel like I am on the right path for my journey. I’m just hoping that the rest stops along the way offer a taste of something yummy.