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In keeping with our heart healthy month, what’s more important than (re)learning about the fats that can affect our pretty little hearts? Ladies and gent, It’s time to talk about fats! We need fats in our diets. There is no getting around them, our bodies depend on them, without fats we are just plain and […]

Gulp indeed, I’ve been drinking plenty of water since I was ill all last week. Today even more so. I have been reading a book about natural diet solutions for PCOS and Infertility and came across a formula for just how much water you should drink and some interesting facts. (more that I’ll share in […]

I love easy meals to prepare. Better yet, I love any and all meals where buffalo chicken is involved. Here is a recipe that has both.  In just about 35 minutes these yummy wraps will have your taste buds singing! Buffalo Chicken Wrap 2 tablespoons hot pepper sauce, such as Frank’s RedHot 3 tablespoons white […]

.!. I’m visiting Beth and her husband Brian. We’re having fun, let me tell you. So much. And you’ll be proud to know that Brian is totally keeping me in check on my eating. At least he’s trying! Like this evening when I opened up the birthday cake box and he said, “you know, I […]

With already confessing my love for Weight Watcher English Muffins earlier today, I share with you my favorite use for them. Quick and easy mini pizzas! This is such an easy recipe for kids to help with too. Who doesn’t love quick and easy? Quick pizzas, even better. Ingredients: A pack of WW english muffins […]

After being ill all week I awoke today feeling, get this, hungry! Yes. After almost a full week of not eating or drinking I was starving. Who knew toast and orange jell-o could taste so good? While I am long ways away from eating heavy, healthy meals I am just happy for now for feeling […]

I am simply amazed at all these fabulous people sharing their  weight loss journey with us here at the sisterhood of shrinking jeans. Simply amazed. I applaud each and everyone of you! It’s encouraging to know that with help and a sense of “sisterhood” that we all can lose weight together. Each time I read […]

This past year it seemed that every where I looked I saw pomegranates . From the produce bins, juice bottles and even Starbucks. When I ran across this heart healthy recipe I wanted to share. Unfortunately I was not familiar with pomegranate before and honestly what could be better than a smoothie? Pomegranate Smoothie This […]

When we started this site I was 213.5# On the start of the first challenge I was 209.5# and today at the end I was only 207#. What’s missing is that I did get down to 204.5# before Christmas. See here for my numbers. It’s embarrassing to put it out there trust me, but I […]

Good bye holidays! Good bye! (waves violently) I’m back on track and my head is in the game. I’m ready to go. My lunches are planned out for the week. No more baked goods in sight! Not to mention my treadmill is cleaned off and begging to be used for more than a clothes hanger. […]

What’s your poison? Beer, water, wine? What do you choose when you feel like wetting your whistle? Do you ever stop and consider just how many calories are in your adult beverage? Well maybe you should. Knowing what you are eating is important and what you are drinking is just as important. While we are […]

Although I tried really hard for the first few weeks, I found myself getting too comfortable around the holidays. A little too comfortable. Like gaining a lot back comfortable. All my dieting plans went out the window and floated around like the little snow flurries we had. They were out there, they just didn’t amount […]

Have y’all seen these books? They are written by David Zinczenko with Matt Goulding and these books are great resources to double check to see if you are truly buying a “healthier” choice. This supermarket survival guide blew my mind the first time I looked through it. It gives your photos of the commonly  purchased […]

I’ve been awful and I have to come clean. After Christmas I lost ALL control of eating and drinking. You see my husband and I were childless for a week. Parent vacation right? Exactly. I could not bring myself to only eat at home and not to partake in alcoholic beverages. A lot of them… […]

Have the holidays attacked us all or what? With all the food to lure us away from our weight loss plans and the holiday rushing that kept us all from our exercising, now is the time to get back to business. For all of those beautiful souls who maintained their plan throughout the holiday, I […]