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Tonight was the night. The night where I finally pried my(not so small) butt off the couch and kept my date with Jane Fonda. She and I had some serious work to be done;work that I have been putting off for about 10 months. What work? Just the flabby belly and thunder thighs that need […]

Day one of our “dreaming of a light Christmas” challenge and I am ready. My goals are in place and my skinny jeans are waiting for me. I can hear them rooting for me already. (they are tired of being way back in the closet!) So if you check tout my numbers page here, you […]

Lets see, if I do the math correctly (yes i’m counting on my hand…sheesh)today is the 6th day of my new weight loss journey. 6 days already? really? wow. Most importantly, I still feel really good about it. Although I haven’t recorded every meal for each day, I did plan out my breakfast, snacks and […]

The day is here, Thanksgiving, the day where families sit around and eat. Then a few hours later after our naps we go and eat again. Well I just want to remind everyone that you hold the power. The power of self control. Before you set out for the day make a plan. Plan your […]

What’s the first thing any diet or exercise program should start with? Water! If we have heard it once, we have all heard it a thousand times, “increase your water”. Unfortunately out of convenience many of us have all turned to just grabbing a plastic water bottle and then tossing them into the garbage. The […]

“Mom…you look like Rachel Ray. Only you know, bigger” This said while passing through the aisles of cook books at Borders last night. Definitely time to lose weight…

Twas the night before the diet, when all through the house not a person was cooking, not even ordering out… The lunches were packed sitting in the fridge with care In hopes that shrinking jeans would soon be near. Crooked Eyebrow was nestled with her laptop on the couch with care While visions of ice […]

When people hope to lose weight, there is usually a big motivator right?  A wedding, to lose baby weight or even a vacation. I have had every single one of those reasons, but yet it for some reason or another I never made it work for me. Now??? I want to change that. I need […]

It’s been 24 hours since I started to monitor what I eat and how I eat.  You know what the hardest part for me was today? The office at work. Yes, that room where everyone brings donuts and cookies each Monday. Those evil so and so’s. Don’t they know I’m trying to be good here? […]

Hello, my name is Crooked Eyebrow and I am a overweight, young , married, emotional eating mommy. Did you get all that? I have struggled with my weight since I was a child and unfortunately as an adult as well. My weight gain as an adult started with the late night studying in nursing school […]

.!. In staring this weight loss journey, the “sisterhood”  here at shrinking jeans will all have a lot to uncover about ourselves. We all have stories and we all have reasons of why we are all here but all with a common goal of weight loss. As most people know,  weight loss is often so […]