day 3 – The Shrinking Jeans of April


August 6, 2009 By april

I took yesterday as a Rest Day from Chalean Extreme.  I did do a little bit of exercise; wanna know what it is???  I can’t tell you what it is yet.  Stay tuned!!!   ;o)

Today, was back to Burn Circuit 2.  In case you’ve forgotten, this is the work out that focuses on biceps and triceps and I LOVE this work out.  I know I said it last week.  I don’t care.  I love it. ;o)

I can already tell that I’m getting stronger, and I totally need to get my ass out and get some heavier weights.  I’m using my 10′s for most of the exercises, and while I reach failure on some of them, I don’t on a lot of them.  My body isn’t going to make the changes that I want it to unless I’m using the right equipment.

Since, I’m getting the hang of the routine now, I find that I concentrate on the exercise and have good form, but I can also allow myself to listen more to Chalene.  I noticed today that she really wants to teach you about each exercise.   To me, this is important.  I like to know what the importance of an exercise is, what muscle groups I’m working (if I don’t already know), and the constant reminder of form.  I find that now that I can listen to her instead of just watching the exercise and trying not to fall over. And by listening to her, I can concetrate more on doing the exercise correctly with good form.

One question I do have though:  All of you exercise DVD people…why are you ALWAYS smiling during these work outs?  I see you smiling on the TV and I think, what the hell is wrong with them? I’m in full concentration mode, breathing hard, and grunting.  I look up and see you smiling like it’s a piece of cake.

Overall, I’m feeling really good.  Stronger.  And I THINK I can already see some changes in my arms!!  I would love to have some really toned arms!  *Fingers crossed!!*

July 30, 2009 By april

OMG, I have found my new favorite work out!!!  Sorry TJ Cardio Party 1.  (You may hear this a couple of times throughout this program.  I always have new favorite work outs, but Cardio Party held strong for months.) What you can read right now is my excitement, what you can’t see?  My arms are SHAKING!!  Shaking is GOOD, BTW.

Let me say, I love working biceps and triceps! And I knew from the very first exercise that this was going to be a great work out!

I mean, a sumo squat with a bicep curl?  Come on!  What’s not to love about that?! I loved this move so much, I was cheesing it up big time.

Move after move, I was loving.  Lunge to tricep extension? LOVE!  Sumo squat to overhead tricep extension?  LOVE!

And then we get to the bowler’s lunge to a single arm row.  SUCK.  Let me explain this.

You’re to get into a position as if you just threw a bowling ball with all of your weight on your front foot.  You’re just to use your back foot for balance.  So, you squat down and while you’re down, you do a single arm row, then you come back up.  (I think that’s basically how the move goes!)  Okay, folks, we know that my balance sucks ass, so I’m sure this was a sight to behold.  But I did it.

Next, bicep curl while you’re balancing on one foot sort of thingy.  (You have to see it to get it.)  But again, with the balance.

With me, it takes every single bit of concentration to hold my balance, and I know I fall out of it quite a bit, but instead of getting frustrated, I stick my tongue out, and I get right back to it.  That’s the only way my balance will ever improve. So, if you have a move that isn’t so great for you, just keep working at it!  You will get better!  I promise!

The very last exercise was push-ups.  Oh, and not just any old push-ups.  No way.  Chalene got creative here.  One tricep push-up, one regular push-up, and one push-up with feet wide…and I did ALL TWELVE on my toes!  Then Chalene said to do three more tricep push-ups.  Suck.  Those I had to do on my knees.  I tried to do them on my toes, and I fell.

So, final notes for Day 3…I definitely need 12 lbs weights.  I totally need to keep my focus on form, especially with the balance exercises.  And I hate tricep push-ups.  (Even though they’re really good for you!)