Depressed | Melissa


I am feeling like crap. Physically, I can’t kick this sore throat, sinus crap, and overall blah feeling. I am feeling sad and depressed. I feel… stuck. In so many ways.

This drama-filled episode sucked the life out of me this weekend. Oh, the joys of parenting.

I haven’t felt like talking to anyone or seeing anyone today. My husband has resorted to chatting with me on Gmail.

I am super-bummed… his new promotion means he stays for a month on location, which in past times, was awesome! We loved visiting him on weekends and having our “rig weekends” and game nights and photo-adventures. The kids and I would do our thing while he was getting his work done, and he would join us when he could. The oil company that contracts this rig he is on has a strict no-family policy. Which means we won’t see him on Thanksgiving OR Christmas, not to mention the month he is gone!

This has turned into a mental-wellness-therapy-edition of True Confessions.

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