Down & Dirty in 30 – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


It’s time to check in, folks! How did you this past week?? And can you believe there’s only 1 week left? How are you going to spend your last week? Do you need to make some changes? Do you need to adjust your goals? Are you right on track to be where you want to […]

Good morning, shrinkers! Are you getting down and dirty? I sure am. That’s my first confession, actually. I am loving up on this new challenge. I don’t know what it is, but I feel energized. It’s fantastic. Seriously. I’ve been circling the drain for a few months as far as my nutrition and fitness goes. […]

Get down, get down. Get down, get down. Get down, get doooowwwwn. Okay sorry, just flashing back the 70s there. We’ve got 30 days to get DOWN and who knows, we might get a little DIRTY in the process right? I mean, I’ve already seen some trash talk on Twitter between teams! Whooooo-wheeeeee, some trash […]

You can barely stand the excitement, right?? It’s like the big announcement you have been waiting your whole life for! Today is the day we reveal the teams for our new, superfast, team challenge! You did remember to RSVP over at the ‘hood, right? Let’s hope so! The Master Team List can be found here, […]