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You guys thought we forgot about weigh-in today, huh? Of course we didn’t forget.  We just wanted to prolong it as long as possible. So yeah, go ahead and do that favorite Wednesday morning (or afternoon or evening) thing that you like to do called WEIGH-IN.  The only time this is my favorite … [Read more…]

So  many of you know I was chosen to be an Active for Life Challenger by EA SPORTS Active. If you didn’t know,  you can check out my post about it here. So about a week after I was selected, my contact at EA SPORTS, KP (@Active_Girl), emailed and asked if I could get away to San Francisco for a … [Read more…]

So how goes the EA Sports Active 5K training? Are you training? You are training, right? Because the run is in 10 days. Of course you’re training, and you’re totally ready to go!! Are you sitting there staring at your screen in disbelief, having not a clue as to what I’m speaking of? Well, go read … [Read more…]

I am NOT a runner. I don’t have the right shoes.  I have too much weight hanging around to be pounding my joints.  Running makes me huff and puff.  Let’s not forget HOW MUCH IT HURTS ME TO RUN. So yeah, I am NOT a runner. This is so funny to me now because back in the day, like WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY BACK … [Read more…]

It’s been a while since we’ve had an EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge check-in. Those of you who said you would be participating in the 30 Day Challenge, tell me…..are you STILL doing it? I have been keeping up with it.  I like the “exercise 2 days, have a day off”- I can handle that.  There … [Read more…]

Another week down in the Shrink For Good Challenge! Are you keeping up with the goals you’ve set for yourself?  Are you seeing the results you hoped for? If you are doing the EA Sports Active Challenge, are you keeping up with your workouts?  Is the scale headed in the right direction? Go jump on … [Read more…]

One of the winners from the EA Sports Active giveaway we did a few weeks ago is giving us her perspective on the 30 Day Challenge.  Please give a warm welcome to Sue from Loads of Pink! Sue- Loads of Pink Age 37 I’ve got three girls – hence the blog name Loads of Pink [laundry- that is]; ages 8, 5 … [Read more…]

I’ll keep this short and sweet…… Are you guys still keeping up with the EA 30 Day Challenge?  How’s it going for you?  Are you enjoying all the leg exercises from today?  Doesn’t that burn feel gooooooood?  Maybe not. I have an observation or two: I am working out on the intensity level.  The … [Read more…]

Hello brothers and sisters! Is it really weigh-in day already? Seems like we just did this a few days ago! WAIT! We did! It has only been 3 days since our Shrink For Good launch! I know we probably won’t see any big losses in that short amount of time, but I expect a lot from you next week! Lots of … [Read more…]

Today is the first day of our EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge for the Wii!  Are you ready? I popped in the disc this morning after I took my son to school.  I set my daughter, Emma (A.K.A. My Shadow), up with her own little set of resistance cables and told her she could stand next to me and do … [Read more…]

Good morning Sisters and Brothers!  It’s Weigh-In Wednesday!  Lots to talk about this week, so settle in! First, today is the end of our 21 Day Challenge.  We challenged you to challenge yourselves to create healthy new habits for 21 days.  How did you do?  Did you create healthy new habits?  Will … [Read more…]

Brace yourselves, Sisters (and Brothers), because this is going to be packed with all kinds of excitement and information. For.real. How are you doing on the 21 Days Challenge? It’s been 14 days and hopefully those new habits are slowly forming! How are you feeling? Is it getting easier, or has it … [Read more…]

Last week was one of those weeks when life just happened.  I had big plans to have a great week work out wise, and it just didn’t happen. I got my work out in on Monday.  Felt good about finishing week 2 of Chalean Extreme. Then… The stomach bug hit.  Tuesday evening and all day Wednesday were … [Read more…]

Holy cow, is it THAT day already?  Weigh-in day?  You better believe it!! First, how’s the 21 Day Challenge going?  You are participating in it, aren’t you?  (You better be!) How is it going?  Are those new and healthy habits forming?  I’ll be they are! Okay, sisters and brothers, it’s time.  Love … [Read more…]

**This giveaway has been closed!** All of us at the Sisterhood have had the extreme pleasure of trying out the new EA Sports Active Personal Trainer for the Wii. I have exercised with the EA Sports Active for the last two days and OMG- I am DYING.  But in a good way.  My muscles are sore beyond … [Read more…]