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Can you remember when exercise became a job? Another box to check off (or ignore)?
I can pretty much pinpoint that moment for me – when I started playing competitive sports in high school.  Something about two hours of practice daily, plus games or meets on weekends, and an hour long weight training class during the […]

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WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! The Daily Mel is the lucky girl who will get her very own, hot off the presses (or whatever) copy of EA SPORTS Active More Workouts as soon as it is released on November 17th. AND, she’ll be lucky enough to receive it in time to join us in the 6-week […]

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We have so many exciting new things going on around here! I.LOVE.IT. I’m going to run through the list in case you have missed anything with the mega-posting that has been going on lately!!

**We are working with Weight Watchers for the Lose For Good campaign!

There is a sweet giveaway. Ahem, Jenny McCarthy autograph & a year […]

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