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Oh sugar, if only you weren’t so tasty. And so toxic. How is one to reconcile our innate human desire for sweetness with the harmful effects of sugar consumption? By knowing that not all sugar is created equally, for starters. One of the biggest misconception in the world of weight loss and healthy … [Read more…]

Great news: You’ve decided to make some changes to your overall health and wellness! You want to lose weight and you’re ready to start TODAY. So where to start? When it comes to weight loss, the facts are clear: 80% of weight loss comes down to dietary changes.  The food choices you make on a … [Read more…]

In our rush to taste, see and touch, our desire to smell is sometimes muted. Bring wonder back to your senses by focusing on these 6 scents to enhance mind, body and spirit. Cinnamon: Not just a fantastic natural, calorie free sweetener that helps balance blood sugar, sniffing cinnamon is also … [Read more…]

It’s time to give your spice rack some love. If herbs and spices provide more decoration than function in your kitchen, these spices to boost overall health and wellness will get you excited about flavoring your food while enhancing your overall body and brain function. Cumin: Boost Mental … [Read more…]

I started the 28 Day Reset Detox that our resident Shrinking Jeans nutritionist Jodi developed.  What the heck is a detox?  This detox focuses on eliminating all the bad stuff from our bodies and foods known to cause allergies, cleansing the body from toxins and waste.  The focus is on eating lean … [Read more…]

3 Foods that Fortify the Face and Body Let’s face it: slimming down is just as much about vanity as it is about health. In fact, the desire to look good naked and feel sexy is a powerful motivator. Everyone wants to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, and the following foods are … [Read more…]

Hello! Melissa and Christy, thank you for inviting me to be part of this wonderful group of women. I’m inspired and encouraged by everyone’s obvious dedication to health and fitness. Ladies, thank you for welcoming me to your community. I hope to be of great support and service to you.  I’m … [Read more…]

Jodi Geigle, of Eat Clean Health, has been contributing to the Sisterhood for several months sharing her extensive knowledge of nutrition, and her passion for clean living. Jodi recently challenged Melissa and I to partake in her detox and cleanse programs in order to gain a first hand experience of … [Read more…]

Despite what mainstream marketing would have you believe, fat does not make you fat. Quite the opposite actually; our bodies actually need fat to function properly. Fat helps the absorption of vitamins, keeps you satiated, and even helps you shed pounds.  That’s right; you need to eat fat to lose … [Read more…]

Eat Clean. It’s a catchy phrase, but what exactly does it mean? To be succinct, eating clean means fresh, whole foods. It means consuming foods found in nature instead of manufactured in a science lab. It means eating food that is free of additives, preservatives, hormones, GMO ingredients, and … [Read more…]

The holidays are over, Valentine’s Day has passed, and chances are there’s still a few holidays treats lurking around your home. If any of those delectable morsels happen to be dark chocolate, you’re in luck! Not only is dark chocolate good for the soul, it’s also scientifically proven to have all … [Read more…]

You work hard to lose weight. You pay attention to what you eat and how intensely you exercise, but when it comes to staying hydrated, it’s possible that you’re unintentionally sabotaging your best efforts. If your body seems to have hit a plateau, try drinking more water to get things … [Read more…]

Eating right can be a challenge. With so many distractions and obligations pulling us every which way, it’s hard to stay focused on health goals, but a few simple steps is all it takes to eat right every day. 1.      Drink All Day: Drink warm water with fresh lemon every morning to open the … [Read more…]

In 1900, the average American consumed 5 lbs. of sugar per year. Fast forward 100 years and the average person now consumes 150 lbs. of sugar per year. Yikes. With heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and depression skyrocketing, cutting out refined sugar is the number one thing you can do to protect … [Read more…]