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Another week come and gone! This week we find ourselves with a new leading team! These ladies have been working their tails off, lets give them a huge round of applause! {clap, CLAP} They are TEAM 20 and they have lost 3.44% of their total team weight! Wooooo! Jennifer H Karen W Mary … [Read more…]

Name: Laura Pankratz Blog: http://faithfamilylovejoy.wordpress.com Twitter: @LauraPankratz Age: 33 Hometown: Suburbs of Minneapolis, MN Tell us about your family. Kevin and I met at work and have been married for 5 years. We have a great little boy who is turned 4 in April and I am … [Read more…]

Good morning bursting into summer-ers! How are we feeling today? Have we hopped onto that scale this morning? (Was he/she your friend?) I have to say my scale was pretty good to me but only because of ills that hath befallen our house, and though it’s definitely not my favorite way to lose 3 … [Read more…]

Welcome to Bootcamp! There’s no whining or excuses allowed here, so check them at the door, please! Only heavy breathing and grunting, and some WOOTS will be accepted! If you haven’t read our Intro to Shrinking Bootcamp, be sure to check it out! From the Trainer: “One of the nice things about … [Read more…]

I can say with conviction and 100% absolute certainty that I have never, ever, EVER, been a vacation exerciser. Vacation was a place to vacation — from everything a person needs a vacation from, calorie counting and exercising included. I gained 7 pounds on a cruise once. I didn’t learn … [Read more…]

You know how sometimes you just stumble upon a good thing? That happened to me. I don’t even really remember how I found it. I think I was just websurfing and there it was. It is a new program that Walgreens has for walking. Alison Sweeney is involved with it. I wish I knew this before I … [Read more…]

It’s heating up outside, and it’s time to get our bodies moving and looking their best! That’s right! We are BURSTING into summer here at Shrinking Jeans! Are you ready? What: Burst into Summer Challenge When: June 15th – August 11th. That’s 11 weeks of bursting, shrinking, or both! Who: … [Read more…]

Summer is upon us {finally} and you are probably looking to update your iPod with some fresh music. Many of us are knee-deep training for races, and others are just starting out. Whether you are taking your first shot at the Couch-to-5K program or a seasoned runner, these songs are sure to get your … [Read more…]

What did that say up there? The FINAL check-in? May is OVER? You have had 31 days to fine-tune yourself, reach your goals, and dig deep. What is the outcome? Are you pleased with all you have accomplished? Did you give this challenge all you had? First off, we love feedback, so down in those … [Read more…]

I, along with so many other folks, are heading out of town this weekend – woot woot!  What is it about staying somewhere other than home that erroneously tells me that “if I eat this and drink that, than it doesn’t really count”?  Of course it counts- doh.  So yeah, I will be gone for a few days and … [Read more…]

There’s no denying it, we live in a world of technology.  It seems there is a gadget or smart phone app for everything these day.  The fitness industry is no different.  There are lots of different ways to track one’s food intake, training plan, activity, etc.  Today, I’m going to focus on some of … [Read more…]

Hi everyone! We’re coming at you this week from Fitbloggin ’11, in Baltimore, Maryland! We have an impressive Shrinking Jeans Sisters turnout and next year we hope to have even more of you come with us! If you blog and you’re interested in anything to do with health or fitness (or if you are one … [Read more…]

Many of you who know me wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that every time I think of the word “try,” I think of the word, “tri.” It’s because “tri” to me, is the epitome of “try.” Not to everyone, just to me. I feel that way because the first time I ever raced in a triathlon it was so … [Read more…]

Good morning!! How are you? How is it going? While we haven’t had a full week of tackling May OUR Way yet, we are now 3 days in! Are you sticking with your goals? Having fun getting to know one another? We had our inaugural SisterChat on Monday night at the ‘hood and I have to say I LOVED IT! … [Read more…]

As I sit here and look out my window and see the blowing trees and the white stuff covering the ground {again}, I am finding it really hard to believe that today is May 1st. I have double and triple-checked my calendar, and it assures me that it is indeed, the first day of May. You know what this … [Read more…]