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Another Wednesday, another check-in! How’s it going in your neck of the woods? Are you finding ways to keep cool in the summer heat? And no, I don’t mean sitting on your porch drinking Summer Shandy.  {note to self} Are you keeping your fitness and weight loss goals? We don’t have an active … [Read more…]

Good morning, people! How are you? Did you enjoy your Independence Day complete with friends, fireworks, and FOOD? I know I did, and here I sit feeling like I completely overdid it and overindulged. Blech! The past two weeks are pretty much the busiest of the year for me -three of my kids decided to … [Read more…]

It’s the 30 Day Shred final check in. We have 30 long, hard, sweaty days behind us! There is something about Jillian Michaels shouting out commands to you that makes you want to dig your heels in and get it done. Did you get it done? I have a few questions for you. Did you survive? Let me … [Read more…]

Well my friends, it’s the halfway point in our 30 day Shred challenge. How is everyone doing? Have you kept up? Have you moved on to level 2? As I write this post, I have just completed day 12 of the challenge. That means I am in level 2. I am writing this on Wednesday night because we are … [Read more…]

Spoiler Alert: It turns out ITunes is NOT responsible for the peanut butter-and-jelly-like combination of exercise and music. Though iPods are as common as treadmills when it comes to gyms, Carl Foster, Ph.D., of University of Wisconsin’s Exercise and Health Program points out that music has been … [Read more…]

Cue Alice Cooper! School’s out for the summer!! I love summer vacation! I have loved summer vacation since I was a little kid in school. There are so many things to do. Sometimes it’s hard to just decide what to do. I have a few ideas though of how I plan to spend some of my summer time. … [Read more…]

I’m curious to know how many of you out in the ‘hood lift weights? Have you tried, half-heartedly, and given up? Did/do you feel lost and intimidated when you look at a stack of dumbbells? Are you worried about getting hurt? Or are you in the weights setion of your gym with the big boys three days a … [Read more…]

I am resurrecting Toot Your Horn Tuesday and I couldn’t be happier. I achieved a major goal last Saturday and I want to share it with you all. Toot, toot!!! In January, I decided that it was time to get serious about my weight loss and fitness journey. I had let myself fall off the wagon a … [Read more…]

Without the proper fuel, it’s difficult to reap the results you want from your workouts.  Get the most from your sweat sessions by using food to boost energy and fast-track fitness goals. These are the top 4 food performers: Bananas: Quite possibly nature’s perfect food, bananas are loaded with … [Read more…]

  Here we are- week 3 of the Couch to 5K program!  Are you still around?  Are in this for the long haul?  Lots of folks fall off this week- they get tired, life gets busy, the run segments get longer and they wonder what the heck they are doing.  Is that you or do you have the discipline and … [Read more…]

(credit: sheknows.com) Finally, finally, finally! It is warming up where I live and perfect weather for outdoor runs.  But a long-lingering winter taught me a valuable lesson and put a new tool in my health and fitness journey toolbox: The Office Workout. Office workouts became my new “thing” … [Read more…]

Why Can’t I Simply Lose a Few Pounds? Dieting Myths and Gender Differences Despite their apparent leanness, too many active people are discontent with their body fat. All too often, I hear seemingly lean athletes express extreme frustration with their inability to lose undesired bumps and … [Read more…]

It’s that time of year. The time when the sun doesn’t have a strict curfew and can stay out a little later, the flowers start to muscle their way up from the ground, the trees decide to clothe themselves with leaves, and the world becomes a little more colorful. Spring time. Sounds great….with … [Read more…]

I love going to classes for exercise. I love the motivation I get from the other people in the class. I enjoy the fun we have together as we grunt and pant our way through a class. But, sometimes I just can’t get out to a class and I have to workout at home. Luckily, I have a couple workout … [Read more…]

Believe it or not, springtime IS just around the corner. Old Man Winter is fighting tooth and nail to retain his hold, but his grip is weakening. Soon, very soon, you’ll be turning a welcoming face to warm breezes and the feel of the sun. Spring is the most joyful time of the year. And for the … [Read more…]