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We hit a big milestone today! One-hundred thousand Facebook likes. WOW! We know we wouldn’t be as awesome as we are without our loyal readers and fans, so to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support over the years (or even over the past 2 weeks!)! To celebrate YOU, we are … [Read more…]

Need a little motivation to keep you going? We all need a little push to stay strong and motivated so that’s what Monday is going to be all about today! It’s Sunday afternoon and instead of my typical habit of waiting till 10 P.M. to start writing my post for the next morning I decided to get … [Read more…]

We are two weeks in to this new year and I know that most of us have not done everything “exactly as we think we should” so it’s time for True Confessions – Two Weeks In. So if  you have done EVERYTHING EXACTLY THE WAY YOU PLANNED over the past two weeks just kindly move along, mk? I’m not perfect … [Read more…]

We are kicking off our Couch to 5K Virtual Program. What is Couch to 5K? It is a 9 week training program geared to take you from the *couch* (not running) to running a 5K. Each week consists of three *run* days. Each run day has a warm-up, intervals of walking and running, and as the weeks go by, … [Read more…]

Hey! Long time no hear nor see! I am around but so darn busy. I went back to work for the first time in 8 years and I am still tryng to find my new routine and schedule around working, exercising, taking care of three kids and LIFE. It keeps me on my toes and the days are flying by….just like this … [Read more…]

  We are sailing through this weight loss challenge! Week three is done, and we’re cruising in to the second half – only 3 weeks to go. Are you seeing the results you wanted to see? I’m down a total  of 9 pounds, after a pretty big loss the first week due to my clean eating reset program. … [Read more…]

Week 1 is in the books! WOOT! If you’re participating in this challenge, but haven’t mosey’d on over to our fantastic Shrinking Jeans Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge Facebook Group, then you. are. missing. out. Plain and simple. There is so much support and awesomeness going on over there, I … [Read more…]

In case you haven’t already heard (or figured out on your own), Facebook really changed the way they deliver content to their members.  These days, even though you’ve “liked” our page on Facebook (you have already, right?!), there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually see all of our content in your … [Read more…]

We all know that a good bra can either make or break your exercise experience. Have a crappy bra and you may have to “double-bag” the girls. That may be just as bad as a sports bra that gives the dreaded “uni-boob” look. I admit it. I was a chronic uni-boober. And then I received this from the … [Read more…]

When I started this running gig back in October, I heard some rumblings here and there about a site called www.dailymile.com.  I checked it out briefly but didn’t give it much thought because um, hello, I already have enough sites that I write on/check status/update or twitter/facebook/blog.  I … [Read more…]

Time is what we want most, but… what we use worst. ~William Penn I’m going to be honest with you.  I’m struggling a little bit right now.  I’m having a hard time figuring out when I’m going to do the stuff that I “need” to do during the day.  It seems like everything is equally important and … [Read more…]

Please see in the comments below if you’re a winner! (Winner selected by random.org) Picture it, Sicily 1942-oh sorry, way too many late night Golden Girls episodes lately.  Where was I?  Oh yes, picture it: I go to the gym, pick a machine, turn on my ipod, choose my playlist, put my ear buds … [Read more…]