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October 6, 2010 By lisa

Last week’s weigh-in was an emotional one for me as I was finally able to scream from the rooftops that I had lost 25 lbs since joining Shrinking Jeans.  Although I exercised hard this past week, I thought for sure I might have a gain as there was birthday cake and pizza involved this weekend (celebrating my youngest turning 2) and there may have been a basket of tortilla chips that I inhaled last night as I hung out with our very own Tiffany and watched the sunset at The Oasis.

FYI- if you are ever in the Austin area, you MUST visit The Oasis and watch the sun set- it is absolutely beautiful.  For realz.

  • Shrinkvivor Weigh-in Start:  166 lb
  • Last week’s weigh-in:  163 lbs
  • This week’s weigh-in:  161.8 lbs
  • Weekly loss of 1.2 lbs
  • Total challenge loss of 4.2 lbs
  • Fitness challenge (fastest mile):  10:15 min

Other positives this week:

  • My husband told me that “I am looking skinny”.
  • I have inspired my friend Lauren to take up running again. 
  • My “little black dress” that has been hanging in my closet for years, waiting for me to fit in it again, NOW FITS.

Anyhoo, as my scale continues in the right direction (that would be down, down, down), I am starting to re-think things.  I find myself coming up to a turning point in my thinking about fitness, nutrition and most importantly, the way I view myself.  I keep thinking about Christie O. and all the mental changes she’s made through her own journey and seriously ya’ll, I am starting to feel those same changes, too.

I am not there yet, BUT I do find myself moving in that direction.

I feel as if I have been so FOCUSED on my own journey, that I have not been supportive, encouraging, and motivational ENOUGH to all of you.

I am so strapped for time, BUT I do find myself WANTING to move in that direction, to do those things for others, to do the things that ALL OF YOU have done for me.

Consider me a work in progress.

To be continued…..

September 30, 2010 By lisa

Damn, I feel awesome and so proud of myself.

You know that fitness challenge we have going on right now?  The one called “Fastest Mile”.  It just started today and I decided to take the challenge and see what my body could do.

  • I did a warm-up mile of 2:1 (2 min jog/1 min walk)- 13 min
  • Pause and stretch.  Then I took off for my “fastest mile”. 
  • Drum roll, please……
  • I clocked my “fastest mile” at 10:15 min- woot woot!!!!!! 
  • Stop, caught my breathe for a few minutes and then took off for my last mile
  • Clocked mile 3 at 10:40 min- another woot woot!!!!  Interestingly enough, the last 1/2 mile was mostly UPHILLand by the time I got to the last 1/4 mile I was ready to throw in the towel and give up.  However, “Don’t Stop Believin’”  by Journey came on my iPod and I instantly thought of  Bari and how she loves that song and how SHE wouldn’t give up at the end and so I DIDN’T GIVE UP and I kept going.  Thanks Bari- you got me to the “finish” line, girl!!!

My “normal” pace is 12-12:30/min miles so this is an AWESOME pace for me.  I know it will not be the “fastest mile” out there.  I will leave that to the pro runners, like Kirsten and Christie O…..possibly even Christy.  However, this is a personal best FOR ME and isn’t that what this all about?

I am totally pumping my fist in the air…..TOTALLY.