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Clean, simple eating. Sounds easy, right? And then you really start thinking about it. What is clean eating? How should you eat to best care for your body – to fuel it? To be healthy – all the while not completely denying yourself the foods you enjoy? It’s a toughie. A while back, I picked … [Read more…]

So it’s Friday and it’s my turn to share with you something food-related.  I could talk about fiber and how good it is for you or I could talk about the benefits of any host of fruits and veggies, BUT I would rather share with you a recipe, because I like to cook and I like to try new recipes and I … [Read more…]

Once upon a time… Oops, wrong audience…(Too much toddler-influenced Shrek) Hello there, Sisters!  Wait, wait before you start throwing your rotten tomatoes at me and chanting for your regular sisters, I am not a troll that has hijacked the Shrinking Jeans website.  I am one of you, I am a tried … [Read more…]

At the Sisterhood, we’ve been reviewing and sharing tips from Weight Watchers new book: Eat! Move! Play! Here are some quick tips: EAT! Instead of: Grabbing fast food or take-out when you’re rushed and don’t have time to cook dinner, Try: Picking up a rotisserie chicken and cooking frozen … [Read more…]

We are kick ass. Who would have guessed? I mean really, we’re just a bunch of girls (and hopefully another guy very soon) blogging about muffin-tops, thigh chafing, and trying to lose weight. We do it for our own benefit of course, but we do it because we want to have a fun place for others … [Read more…]

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Notice something different here? (Other than the purdy new look here at the Sisterhood?) If you’re a regular around here, you know that Wednesday is “weigh-in” day.  It still is, but we here at the Sisterhood decided to change things up just a bit.  After reading your … [Read more…]

We are excited to announce that we are on the search for a new male contributor! Do you think you have what it takes to put up with oodles of women? (Every man’s dream, right? RIGHT??) Do you think you have something special to bring to the Shrinking Jeans table? Here is what we are looking … [Read more…]

Hmmmm…was it someone’s grand plan to have me host True Confessions the week of my birthday?  : ) Anyhoo, I do have a list of my transgressions ready because, folks? There’s quite a few… That cheeseburger and french fries That BACON cheeseburger and french fries That huge stack of … [Read more…]

You may have noticed things look a little different around here! We’ve been busy making our site over! What do you think? I am sure it’s going to take some getting used to for us, but we hope you will find it much more easy to navigate! We have re-categorized everything… MOVE IT – Here … [Read more…]

We’re excited to announce Coach Joe English, our Virtual Team in Training Coach for Team Shrinking Jeans, will now be a regular contributor here at the Sisterhood! You can send your questions about running to [email protected], we’ll pass them on to Coach Joe, and he’ll post his answers as … [Read more…]

****Updated! The winner of the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! gift pack is……….Mendie! Congrats girl! Have you ever used I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Spray? It’s awesome and has lived in my refrigerator since I started Weight Watchers 145 years ago. Seriously, I cannot live without … [Read more…]

Each and every week, one of our Sisters is chosen by another Sister to be highlighted in the Sisterhood Spotlight. Last week, Beki was our featured Sister and that means she gets to pass the torch on to another deserving woman this week! I must add that I wholeheartedly agree with her choice, as … [Read more…]

Wha? What’s this Down & Dirty business? Well, we are revealing the next challenge a whole week and a half early! Why would we do that when we usually like to keep it a big surprise? Because this challenge will involve teams (pause for the collective cheer) and we need you to scoot your booty … [Read more…]

A couple of months ago, I landed in a fitness rut. I was running, running, running. And the weight? Not budging. Muffin top? It was still there. I knew I was working hard, but nothing was happening. I felt like I was in a hamster wheel. One night at the gym, I was going whole hog on the … [Read more…]

I would be willing to bet that if I sat down to dinner with almost any one of you, I’d be finished with my plate before you had a chance to cut your meat. I am a speed eater. I literally inhale my food. By the time I realize that I’ve almost cleaned my plate, I have to bring my jaw to a … [Read more…]