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February 2, 2011 By Nancy

Weigh in day. How’d you do? I lost 1.2 pounds. The problem is, I lost what I gained last week. That just takes me back to where I was two weeks ago. I’ve only lost 3.1 pounds so far this challenge and that kind of sucks.

I was expecting bigger things for this challenge. I thought I had it all figured out, but I guess I don’t. I definitley have the exercise part of this whole thing down. I’m doing really well with that. I’m exercising no less than five days a week and doing April’s challenge every day. I am putting real effort into the classes I’m taking. I’m digging deep. I’m sore and I hurt and that is a good thing.

So my friends, I’m thinking the problem has to lie in my eating. I do really well until about 8:00 at night for some reason. When I am on the computer at night talking on Twitter and Facebook, I find myself snacking for no good reason and that has got to stop.

I’m thinking that I really have to give Weight Watchers another try. I have a snow day today, so this might just be the day to jump in and do it. I’d have plenty of time to figure out the new plan. I could plan my menu for the rest of the week. I could find some good snacks. What do you think? How many of you are doing WW? Do you like it? Do you recommend it?

I’m going to give this post a few hours and see if I get any feedback. If I don’t, I’ll just have decide on my own, but I am leaning toward Weight Watchers. Maybe then I’d have a good weigh in next week and for many weeks after that. Sounds good to me!!

January 30, 2011 By Nancy

The jury has finally come back with a verdict.  I love zumba.  I really really do.  I was unsure after the first class, but three classes later, I love it.

I think my biggest fear in going to zumba was the chance that I would look stupid and people would think I was a klutz.  Guess what?  Almost everyone there looks just like me when they are trying to do it and we have fun laughing at each other and ourselves.  Nobody but our instructor Irma and our boot camp drill sergeant Nicki know what the heck they are doing.   All Irma asks is that you just keep moving.

I am liking this zumba class so much, I am considering doing the Zumbathon for the American Heart Association in a few weeks.  What are the chances that I can last through two hours of zumba?  Probably slim to none, but I would think you could take breaks if you need to.  I’ll have to check into that before I commit.

I have been enjoying I use that term looselyboot camp and zumba so much, I decided to try a yoga class today.  I was expecting to have to stretch, but boy did we have to STRETCH!  I’m sore in some new places tonight.  I think I’m going to try it again next week though.

So yes, I like zumba.  I actually think I  love zumba.  One thing I know for sure, I love Irma.  She is the most awesome instructor ever.

January 27, 2011 By Nancy

Angry does not even begin to tell you how I am feeling right now.  I could string a whole slew of expletives together and they wouldn’t even touch how mad I feel.  What is this leading up to you ask? 


Would someone like to explain to me how that happened please?  I have been so good this week.  I have gone to boot camp and zumba classes.  I have been doing April’s challenge on the treadmill.  I’ve even done a couple things on the wii.  I have watched what I ate and how much I ate.  And this is the thanks I get!  Go figure.

It is an hour till boot camp.  My daughter and I are mulling over the idea of not going tonight.  We are both very sore and very tired from all the other classes and maybe a night off is just what I need.  A night to regroup and rethink it all out. 

I have 40 minutes or so to decide if I want to get changed and head out.  I can’t even tell you which way I’m leaning right now.  I just don’t know.

To be continued……………

January 24, 2011 By Nancy

I started zumba this week.  Who’s freakin idea was that????  not Christy    You never stop moving.  It’s just go and go and go. 

There is this tiny little instructor named Irma.  I do love Irma, but she’s kind of like a cheerleader.  She keeps saying we look great and coming around and high fiving  people.  Does she not see that I am tripping all over my own feet and my tongue is hanging out of my mouth from lack of hydration?  Even though I drank two bottles of water during the class!

There is quite a mix of people in the class.  You have the few who are really good.  I hate them!  You have the few people who are really bad.  I truly love them!  Then you have my group.  Every shape and size just trying to stay alive for that one hour.  There is one poor schmuck who is there with his wife.  The absolute funniest one is the owners wife who is also a preschool mom.  I know she wouldn’t care if I told you what she said.    She’s a good sport.  Before the class started she said, “If it looks like I am having a seizure, don’t call 911, I’m just a klutz with no rhythm.”.  I love her.  We were twins!!

It is constant movement.  It goes from one song to the next.  Never a downtime moment.  You shake and shimmy and step and dip.  You are flying around your little spot like a frisbee.  Irma is pretty good about keeping it moving but not crazy.  My boot camp instructor is there too.  She just got her zumba certification last week and she gets to do a few numbers.  When she kicks it in, it is like we go into hyper drive.  Way too fast and everyone is tripping on themselves and each other.  Quite the sight to see.

Like I said in the title, the jury is still out.  I’m going back Tuesday and Thursday.  To be honest, I’ll probably keep going back.  I don’t like to be a quiter and I don’t think it could actually kill me. 

All I have to say is this.  That studio floor had better start looking like that ad on tv at some point.  You know the one where people keep finding body fat on the beach and other places because they have fallin off people.  Yes, people better start finding pieces of my gut and butt and thighs lying on that studio floor!

Gross visual, but it would be so cool!  Real proof that it is all working!!

January 19, 2011 By Nancy

If it’s Wednesday, it must be a weigh in.  My first official weigh in as a writer here at the Sisterhood.  It still sounds funny to me when I see or hear that.  It really makes me happy and proud though.

I am excited to say that I did have a loss this week.  I lost 1.2 pounds and I’m happy with that.  Things have finally started to click and are moving in the right direction.

I know that I am supposed to be the “mature” voice of the Sisterhood, but I was anything but that last night.  I was supposed to try zumba last night for the first time.  I was a mix of excited and scared to death.  Bari had a bad experience with it this week and she is in fantastic shape.  Me…not so much.  I’ve been going to boot camp since last week with my 23 year old daughter who just graduated from college.  She lives here with us.  I had a huge argument with her and the last place I wanted to be was anyplace she was, so I stayed home.  Like I said…MATURE

Who got the bad end of that decision?  That would be me.  I saw on her Facebook post that she had an awesome time.  She could have cared less that I was mad and went ahead and had a good time and I suppose a great workout.    I got on the treadmill, so the night wasn’t a total loss.  I also did the tworkout early because I thought I would be gone to do it with April and the rest of the girls. 

I told Christy I would post about my zumba experience.  I still will because I will go next time.  I don’t care if I’m mad at the world.  I’ll be there.  I’ll probably be tripping all over myself, but I’ll be there.

I guess I am going to have to work on being the mature voice around here because last night, I acted like a middle schooler.  Sorry Christy!

January 18, 2011 By Nancy

This is my first confession as a writer for Shrinking Jeans.  I’ve had a pretty good week, so most of my confessing will be good things.   Of course they can’t all be good now, can they?

1.  I got to meet a fellow sister, Bari and her daughter on Saturday.  She was everything I thought she’d be and more.  She had a fancy phone that had all kinds of apps on it.  One of them told me that my Subway soup was only 90 calories for a cup.  Subway said it was a 100 calories.  The serving was probably a cup and a half.  Either way, this yummy, creamy rosemary chicken and dumpling soup was only about 150 or so calories.    I’ll be having that again.

2.  I started a Functional Fitness class last week.  It isn’t until you actually get there that they start throwing around the words “boot camp”!  Those words scared me.  It has been pretty good though.  I’ve kept up with the younger girls and there are a couple ladies my age or so.  Tonight (and possibly Thursday) I am going to try a zumba class.  Christy told me I should.  She’s mean like that.  That should be something to see.  I’m not much of a dancer and I have little to no rhythm.  I’ll post about that later in the week. 

3.  I bought a couple new cookbooks and have made a few really good recipes.  One of the books is a Taste of Home book about diet comfort food.  So far, so yummy!

4.  The bad….I drank far too much Bacardi and diet for the Bears win on Sunday.  I didn’t eat that much, but not a good job on the drinking.

5.  I had a little trouble this week with the water intake and I’m not even sure why.  Lord knows I always have a bottle near by.  I have to work on that this week.

I confess that the very best moment of my week was when I got an email from Christy saying that I was chosen to be one of the new contributing writers for Shrinking Jeans.    I couldn’t have been more surprised or happy.  I think I’m still a little in shock.  Thank you again to Christy and Melissa for choosing me.  I promise to do my best to make you both proud and not regret your decision.

So now it’s your turn.  Tell us your confessions.  It’s good for the soul and it’s a clean slate to start over again and sometimes, we just need the clean slate.

January 14, 2011 By Support

I never thought that I would be picked as a contributing writer for the Sisterhood.  I thought there would be so many other deserving applicants.  I couldn’t have been more surprised or proud when I got the email from Christy saying I had been chosen.

I know that I am old enough to be a lot of the sisters and brothers mom.  I think that I have some things to offer though.  There are some other older sisters at the Sisterhood and I hope to help be their voice.   The mature voice, so to speak.

I have been trying  to lose weight and be fit for too many years.  One of my good friends always said that you had one year to lose your baby weight.  Well guess what?  This is my year.  It only took me 23 years to really get serious about it.

I hope that you will come visit me here now and then because I have some serious plans for myself and I’ll be sharing them here.

Thank you again to Christy and Melissa for choosing me.  I promise to do my best to make you proud!