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Oh sugar, if only you weren’t so tasty. And so toxic. How is one to reconcile our innate human desire for sweetness with the harmful effects of sugar consumption? By knowing that not all sugar is created equally, for starters. One of the biggest misconception in the world of weight loss and healthy … [Read more…]

“What’s better: Juicing or smoothies?” I’ve been hearing this question a lot lately. There are a lot of ways to answer this, so let me just say this: Neither. Both juicing and smoothies have incredible health benefits. It’s not an either/or situation. It’s a both. To help decide what to … [Read more…]

  Sweets. I really, really, REALLY love sweets. They are my diet downfall. I like to blame my hippie parents for depriving me of sugar as a child. Total denial of sugary cereals, candy and snacks turned me into a sugar fiend. As soon as I was out of the house…BOOM…I was knee deep in … [Read more…]

It’s Monday, and we are taking a blast to the past! Last year, we featured an informative series on eating disorders written by Jacqueline, aka Fitarella. I strongly encourage you to read all three parts! Eating Disorders 101, Part One Eating Disorders 101, Part Two Eating Disorders 101, … [Read more…]

I’ve been on a baking kick lately.  Nesting? Probably. My freezer is filling up with baked goods. The good news? I’ve been very conscious of the ingredients I’m using in my baking. I’m subbing whole wheat flour, using applesauce or yogurt instead of oil where I can, and experimenting with … [Read more…]

So. I totally forgot that I was up for the post today. So I’m racking my brain trying to come up with an idea. Then I remembered that Roni (blogger extraordinaire and organizer of Fitbloggin’) did a post called The ABC’s of Me. Perfect! I’ll do an ABC’s of Weight Loss post. But crap. Now I … [Read more…]

*Updated! Check the end of the comments for the winner. Thanks to all who participated! If you’ve been on the Weight Watchers forums, or read Hungry Girl, you’ve more than likely run across a lot of talk about VitaTops.  Personally, I’d heard a lot but had never tried Vita Tops or any of the … [Read more…]

.!. I have to warn you, Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters, from General Mills, are addicting. Very, very addicting. So much so, I was half-tempted to hide them from my children and husband (because I do that sometimes, especially with all things chocolate, because when I want to indulge a little, I … [Read more…]

So four days into the Kellogg’s All bran 10-day promise and I can honestly say that it is truly easy to add fiber to your diet. Even if only one serving at a time.  For me, adding a fiber packed snack has been the easiest. I feel that I’m clearing the way to better health, so to speak… Way back … [Read more…]

Recently, Kellogg’s approached the Sisterhood and asked us to take the All Bran 10 Day Promise challenge! Since we’re always looking for ways to improve our diets, we happily agreed to load up on fiber and report back to y’all on how it makes us feel! For the next 10 days, Lisa, Melissa, Donya and I … [Read more…]

Hey guys!  I was in the grocery store the other day and there was a sale on Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Chewy Bars (plus I had a coupon- yippee!).  I had heard good things about these bars and I decided to give them a try. OK, seriously.  They were delicious and I wanted to eat the ENTIRE box in one … [Read more…]

We chatted it up about fiber the other day, now it is all about finding which foods have a good amount of fiber. Also we have some tips on how to squeeze more of the fiber goodness into our diets. It’s quite possible that we assume that our  foods have enough fiber when in reality it doesn’t. Let’s … [Read more…]

When you read anything about fiber, what is the first thing you think about, honestly? Could it be that you remember that fruits, vegetables and whole grains are great sources of fiber? Probably not.  When I think of fiber the first thing that comes to mind is “keeping the body regular”. Or at least … [Read more…]