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Hey everyone!! Congratulations to all of you for pulling out all the stops on your fastest miles! WOW! All of us here at the Sisterhood are so stinkin’ proud of you. Here are your next set of challenges! Get out there and bust your rumps so your tribe can win immunity, … [Read more…]

Another week has come and gone! How are you doing? Are you losing pounds, gaining muscle, and making healthy choices? You have had over 21 days to start instilling new habits and ways of thinking… is it working? How are you doing on the fitness and non-fitness challenges? Are you avoiding the … [Read more…]

It’s looks like everyone totally rocked last week’s Fitness and Non-Fitness Challenges! Way to go Shrinkvivor Tribes!! Okay here’s the next set of challenges. I hope to see even MORE enthusiasm and participation this week. No groaning, yo! Also, if there are people on your tribe who cannot … [Read more…]

Welcome to our very first Shrinkvivor Tribal Council. While we didn’t really have anything to council over, we are announcing the first Physical Challenge for the Immunity Idol. The team who wins the challenge will get the Immunity Idol and will be safe from going to Exile Island at the next Tribal … [Read more…]

Let’s just start off with a bang, shall we? Don’t tell anybody, but I’m a little over my computer right now.  I can’t figure out why, but I don’t want to read blogs, write blogs, or comment on blogs. Facebook is making me feel left behind and Twitter…well…I can’t catch up.  It’s a conundrum, … [Read more…]

Today, instead of True Confessions, we’re going to talk about how our 5K’s went this weekend!!  Right now, as you’re reading this, I’m probably headed back home to Virginia!  But on Saturday, I ran my Sisterhood Virtual EA SPORTS Active 5K with Christy and Amanda! Christy plotted our course well in … [Read more…]

We all know that we’ve been doing the Wii, or Shredding, or finishing triathlons, or 5ks, or whatever you’ve been doing fitness wise. So, with all this fitnessing and challenging and exercising, I want you to answer this question: How fit are you? Being fit is such an abstract term.  How do you … [Read more…]

Another week down in the Shrink For Good Challenge! Are you keeping up with the goals you’ve set for yourself?  Are you seeing the results you hoped for? If you are doing the EA Sports Active Challenge, are you keeping up with your workouts?  Is the scale headed in the right direction? Go jump on … [Read more…]

Today is the first day of our EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge for the Wii!  Are you ready? I popped in the disc this morning after I took my son to school.  I set my daughter, Emma (A.K.A. My Shadow), up with her own little set of resistance cables and told her she could stand next to me and do … [Read more…]

Good morning Sisters and Brothers!  It’s Weigh-In Wednesday!  Lots to talk about this week, so settle in! First, today is the end of our 21 Day Challenge.  We challenged you to challenge yourselves to create healthy new habits for 21 days.  How did you do?  Did you create healthy new habits?  Will … [Read more…]

Jumping rope is one of the most simple, inexpensive, most effective ways to get a work out in. Don’t believe me?  Well, did you know that you can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour just by jumping rope?  That not only is it a fantastic cardio work out, but it’s also a total body work out?  It’s … [Read more…]

We now find ourselves right in the middle of our “Dreaming of a Light Christmas Challenge” and I hope that we don’t start losing steam. Christmas is just around the corner and we may be tempted to skimp on the exercise and indulge in the baked goodness surrounding us. The girls and I have decided to … [Read more…]